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We have done our homework so you don’t have to. You can count on The Seed Conservatory to provide you with safe, quality, superb seed for your exquisite gardening experience.  You will not find this kind this selection of high quality, safe seeds in the big box stores. Therefore, our clientele is the conscious, educated consumer who is looking for pure, unaltered seed. We serve growers of all kinds.
  • Home gardeners who want wholesome, unaltered, Heirloom plants for their personal consumption or enjoyment.
  • Small scale farmers such as Farmers Market Produce providers, Homesteaders, Survivalists, Preppers and more.
  • Not to mention Rural, Urban, Suburban, Organic, and hobby gardeners.
Visit our Knowledge Center to learn more about the consequences of GMO seeds.   Once informed, start browsing the many Heirloom seeds we offer and make a plan to start planting a more healthy crop.  These seeds will not only nourish your body but they will bring you more peace of mind by knowing exactly what you are eating.