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    Project Due Date

    The Teams

    Hello COMP 566 and MECH 591 students,

    As team are formed and finalized, this page will be populated.

    The last day for submission of teams and team name and team member roles is; February 24th

    Your Professors,
    Robert Lind
    Durga Suresh
    Team Putting The Foot Down

    Michael Garofalo - garofalom1@wit.edu
    Sam Kim - kims3@wit.edu
    Jared Siraco - siracoj@wit.edu
    Gabe Lozano -  lozanog@wit.edu
    Jacob Evans - evansj1@wit.edu
    Jeff Guilherme - guilhermej@wit.edu

    Team Team Rocket

    Jason Mak - makj@wit.edu
    Gabriel Ochoa - ochoag@wit.edu
    Andrew Tsang - tsanga@wit.edu
    Christopher Streeks ​​- streeksc@wit.edu

    Team Philosocopter

    David Niquette - niquetted@wit.edu
    Trent Lennon - lennont@wit.edu
    Chou Yang - yangc2@wit.edu
    Gregory Mitrano - mitranog@wit.edu
    Antonio Sestito - sestitoa@wit.edu
    Mike Corwin - corwinm@wit.edu

    Team Better latte than never

    Matt Pivnick – pivnickm@wit.edu
    Becky Price – pricer@wit.edu
    Joshua Rice – ricej1@wit.edu
    Joseph Sacchetti – sacchettij@wit.edu
    Parker Abdo – abdop@wit.edu
    Megan Petrillose - petrillosem@wit.edu

    Team Lockr

    Blake Kellen (blakek2@wit.edu​)
    Eric Studley (studleye@wit.edu)
    Jacob Saxton (saxtonj@wit.edu​)
    Michael Charpentier (charpentierm@wit.edu​)
    Edgar Mendoza (mendozae@wit.edu)

    Team Sculpin


    Austin Johnson: johnsona8@wit.edu

    Kamel Traouik: traouik@wit.edu

    Zach Crane: cranez@wit.edu

    Matt Belkin: Belkinm@wit.edu

    Jose Herrera herreraj@wit.edu

    Rich Razumny: Razumnyr@wit.edu

    Team  “The Collaborators” 

    An Doan (doana1@wit.edu)
    Dominique Wilson (wilsond6@wit.edu)
    Alex Messina (messinaa@wit.edu)
    Joseph Plasse (plassej@wit.edu)
    Robert Faria De Oliveira (fariadeoliveirar@wit.edu)

    The Dream Team

    Christopher Newell - newellc@wit.edu
    Robert Giovannani - giovannanir@wit.edu
    James Radziewicz - radziewiczj@wit.edu
    ​Christopher Mackle - macklec@wit.edu
    Matthew Sordello - sordellom@wit.edu
    Asafe Nogueira - nogueiraa@wit.edu

    Team Mavericks

    Alex Giunta -  giuntaa@wit.edu
    Andrew LeMaitre -  lemaitrea@wit.edu
    Jake St. Germain - StGermainJ3@wit.edu

    Team G2 Racing

    Christian Gomez - gomezc1@wit.edu
    Jems Auguste - augustej@wit.edu
    Garrette Lister - listerg@wit.edu
    Matthew Schirch - schirchm@wit.edu
    Kevin Qui - quik@wit.edu
    Luis Pina​ - pinal@wit.edu