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    Home of the Senior Engineering Collaborative (SEC) Project

    The SEC Project is an Initiative of WREX (Wentworth Research Exchange)


    The Senior Engineering Collaboration project is a pilot program. This project is a collaborative effort between professor Lind's Instrumentation (MECH 591) class and professor Suresh's Software Design (COMP 566) class. This is the first of its kind collaboration in the College of Engineering here at Wentworth and we are looking forward to truly inter-disciplinary projects.

    This is a 4-week project and hence time is of essence and collaboration is key. Please keep this in mind as you proceed.

    Professors Robert Lind and Durga Suresh

    Contact Information:

    Professor Robert Lind

    Office: Kingman 210
    Phone: 617-989-4227

    Professor Durga Suresh

    Office:Dobbs 006B