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Friđa Jóhannesdóttir


e-mail: fj47[at]cornell.edu

I am a fourth year graduate student from Iceland where I did most of my BSc degree in Biology, although during the last part of my study I was based at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.  After completing a master’s degree in ecology and environmental management at the University of York I spent a couple of years working at the University on population genetics and colonization history of various small mammals in Europe which led me to E&EB in Cornell for graduate studies.

My main research interests focus on the genomic and physiological underpinnings of climate adaptation in mammals and during my research I hope to be able to address the importance of genetic responses vs. physiological plasticity in temperature tolerance.  For this purpose I work on the North American red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) looking at its responses to temperature throughout it range on the east coast of the US and by analyzing both genomic and morphometric variation throughout its range. 

Alongside my main research I am also involved with ongoing project I was a part of during my time in York on to the colonization of Europe by the Western European house mouse (Mus musculus domesticus). 

When not running around the forest looking for squirrels, or spending time on lab research I split my working hours between ta’ing comparative physiology or de-stressing at the Cornell Museum of Vertebrates fine tuning my museum prepping skills.  During my free time I tend to be found enjoying wine or chocolate, knitting like a proper Icelander or sitting on my office chair/ gym ball thinking about coffee and planning travels and fieldtrips in exciting locations.  



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