Society for Neuroscience

The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) is the world's largest organization devoted to the promotion
of education of the brain and nervous system.  Composed of physicians, scientists, and students,
SfN has grown to nearly 40,000 members since its founding in 1969.

The annual SfN Conference is taking place in San Diego, CA this year from Nov 9-13.  According to SfN,
the annual conference "provides a forum for learning, information exchange and professional development".

We are currently not sure how many students will be sent to represent The University of Scranton at the 2013 SfN conference. Please check back for details later. 

Estimated costs for attending 2013 SFN in San Diego :

Student Memberhip fee(SFN): 

Conference Registration Fee(SFN):

    Hotel rooms are available at reduced prices if booked through the SfN lottery system (see SfN website  for details). However, these rooms get filled quickly. Check other sources for accommodations. 

    $500/person (round trip)

Depending on where we choose to eat. This value could become higher or lower then expected.

This expense is based upon your own spending habits. But will more then likely also include cost of transportation to and from the conference site and our hotel ( either via taxi or shuttle).

If you are interested in joining us in San Diego, Please send a private email to

For additional specific information regarding the 2013 SFN Conference please visit this years SfN 2013

For other additional information, go to the SfN website.