Kids Judge 2013

We need student volunteers to help Friday November 1st at 3p.m. to setup for Kids Judge 2013. Anyone who can spare their time for roughly 20-30 minutes on this Friday would be greatly appreciated. The more volunteers we have the quicker this necessary task will get done. Just a reminder that this event is a reflection on the University and even more importantly on the Neuroscience Program and you as its student body.

We need to complete the following items in order to be prepared for the girl scouts attending Kids Judge 2013.
  • Boards must be constructed to divide 211 and 214. 
  • Chairs need to be moved. 
  • Buttons must be made. 
  • Bags loaded with goodies. 
  • There will be lots of little things to do, and many-many hands make it light work!
  • We can historically pull this off in 20-30 min of intense activity - it can be fun :)
Please fill out the following form with the required information if you can spare your time. Thank You.

Kids Judge 2013 Volunteer form