Selected Writings for December  2007


Weaver of magick

Singer of the soul

Spinning dreams of hope

Telling legend and lore


She says Priest of Nothing 

An I say

Sorcerror of truth

Defender of the heart

Lone warrior

Lost in... and out of time

Walking this path

In the shadows of solace

Shared by many

Spoken by few




Someone says from the edge of nowhere

You must wake up..You must wake up

And the fog begins to lift from my eyes 

While the face in the mirror

Speaks reality

So here I stand to face the storm

And I hear a voice

Born of thunder


Don't look for miracles here

Liek a ghostly chorus chanting a melody

Words I alone can hear

Sending me on this path of freedom

Those people who talk about forgiveness

Remain the ones who wont forgive

They tell you it's forgotten

Lies scattered in the wind

Words of truth remain unspoken

Another cycle does begin

And so time has come full circle

Let the angels be your friends


( Just listen )



At the top of the stairs he stood

Dressed in black and laughing

And the music drifted thru the room

As incense curled around him

Like a snake dragon

How did I get here I asked

And who the hell are you anyway?

But not a word was spoken

Yet...I knew

I was about to recieve

The grand tour

So I followed in silence

All about the house

We went upstairs and down

Into rooms that were not there

Behind walls that would talk

And I could still hear

Than haunting melody

That played in every room

And down every hallway

There were many doors to be found

That unlocked with no key

And through windows of crystal

You could see the gardens

And the rows of trees

Surrounded by the mist

That rose from the river

And I turned to ask him

Why I had been summoned

And he was no longer there

He was off again in his room

Where music spoke its rythyms

And he practiced

His own private sorcery

So I simply went home


( July 22nd 1995)


~ Fade To Black ~

The highest tower

Above the Castle Walls

I sit...

Look out over the land

This Kingdom

And Contemplate

Many things....

Past and Present

Stars have Fallen

Storms have raged

Throughout the Nights

And many battles

Have been Won and Lost here

All for the sake

Of Honour and Pride

Not unlike the loves

We too have Endured

Many a year ago....

I guess some things

Just live on and on

And some things

Never Die

And Others.....

Simply Fade to Black



 Take me all the way back home