Selected writings for December 2007 


I like the silence
I like the intensity
I like the words that flow
Its like a drug
You can’t get enuff
You want to go higher and higher
Push the limits
Till you can’t take anymore
Still you come right back
It’s a wild lifestyle

Riding the Ninth Wave
With the Poet and the Outlaw
All the dangers
Of discovery surround us
But were drawn together
By something greater
Something stronger
Than we comprehend
So in the shadows
In the darkness
Is where we rule the night
In the shadows
Where no light
Can illuminate the secrets
Of the Poet and the Outlaw



What do you do
When your broken
Lying in pieces
On the ground
Shattered beyond belief
Hoping someone will find you
And lift you up
And put you back together
But they just walk by
Nobody stops
Nobody looks down
You see them
As their eyes turn away
Pretending your not there
You try to reach out
For them to just pull away
No forgiveness
Not even for yourself
Everybody knows

When your broken
Its always your fault
Because your selfish
And its all about you
So you lay there
Crying out
Wondering how long
You will lay there
And not get up
Wondering if you will die
A piece at a time
When your broken
And your dreams
Are shattered
Its all you focus on
The pain and the heartbreak
And the torment
Are just too much to bear

April 16,2007 



Standing here
In the middle of the fire
Watchin the walls burn
Feelin my heart turn
Hard as a rock
Cold as stone
A cold fire
Look away
And when the walls fall
How will you deal with it
This time
By the light
Of the cold fire
You see your reflection
Ah love in the darkness
Should be kept in the night
Never to see the light
Never to see the truth
Always gonna get burned
Fire and ice
A dangerous combination
Ah but destiny rules
And the walls will fall
One more time
In the cold cold fire




Like a great wave
You took my soul
In the wings of a storm
I was consumed
You shook my foundations
And broke through the wall
And I was overwhelmed

For many months with you
I was out of control
Nothing but you mattered
And I let my universe
Spin out of sync
All of the satellites
Have gone their way
And we stood together
Alone amongst the stars
And silently
The distance grew
And our worlds
Began to change

The storms grew fierce
And the waves grew wilder
And I began to lose
The best parts of me
I have tried so many times
To save this
Because I still love you
As much as I ever have
If only you felt the same
Then this would be
But the darkness within you
Is greater
Than the light that shines
From within my eyes
And I cannot let you
Darken this light
Even though I love you
With all my existence
I have to let you go.

May 14,2007 


Take me all the way back home