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Sometimes I wonder how I got to where I am,  and knowing that fact, I wonder where the path takes me next.   I am  originally from the tiny Village of Martinsville Ohio - a sleepy little place with about 250 people.  If you blinked you missed it.  It was a pretty quiet life back then,  and sometimes I miss the solitude.  I began writing at 17 , that seems like a million years ago.  Moved to California in 1982 in search of destiny, and remained there untill 1997, when I returned to Ohio.   

Writing was always easy for me.  Writing became an emotional release, a safe haven for my thoughts and in many ways, the best therapist one could ask for.  In fifteen years many things can happen.  You live, love, and lose many things, including yourself.  Sometimes the Muse comes as a Demon and sometimes an Angel... As long as you stay one step ahead of the game, you will survive.   I wrote most of the stuff in Reflections after I moved to California,  It has always been as if the Spririt of a Poet channels thru me when I write.  I write about life experiences and the friends made along the way, as well as great love affairs gone wrong.  Lost love is a place of torment and great reflection into your own Soul, and out of those experiences great tales are born.  

I started writing Fall From Grace somewhere in the fall of 2005, and i'm still at it.  While Reflections spans two decades and is about many people, Fall From Grace is a tale of just two star crossed individuals from different worlds, The Poet and the Outlaw.  Its an epic tale with deep insight and intensity. 

And from that darkness, comes the light.  I had a dream, one of many, yet this one was specific.  The following paragraph is what te dream told me, word for word.  Perhaps it will touch you as it did me.

Why is saying I LOVE U so Important to me? Because my friend... if for some reason, we never see each other again, because its time for one of us to leave this world, you will know that I LOVE U - it will be the last thing I ever say to you and you will be able to carry that throughout the rest of your life. That is why it is so very important to me that this is how I always leave you, in person or on the phone.

Peace, Light and Love

Michael L Farquer

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