James V

James V., popularly known as 'the poor man's King,' was born at Linlithgow, 10 April 1512. He succeeded his father, and was crowned at Stirling in September 1513. He was in tutelage of his stepfather, the Earl of Angus, and of his mother, his nearest agnate John, Duke of Albany, being 'Governor of Scotland' until 1524. The King was declared to have 'Authority Royal' 14 June 1526, and two years afterwards he threw off the yoke of the Douglases.

The Session, or College of Justice, was instituted at Edinburgh, 27 May 1532, ratified by a Bull fo Pope Paul III. (Rome, 31 March 1535), and approved by the King and the three Estates, 14 March 1540-41. Several persons were burned for heresy in this reign. A war with England ending in the rout of the Scots at Solway Moor on 24 November 1542, the King died of grief at Falkland, 14 November 1542, the King died of grief at Falkland, 14 December 1542, and was buried at Holyrood House. He was made Knight of the Garter by his uncle, Henry VIII. of England; of the Golden Fleece, by the Emperor Charles V.; and of the Order of S. Michael by King Francis I. of France.

King James V. married, first, 1 January 1536-37, at Notre-Dame in Paris, Madeleine de Valois, eldest daughter of Francis I., King of France. She, who was born August 1520, died of consumption at Holyrood, 7 July 1537. He married secondly (by proxy in Paris 1538), at St. Andrews in June 1538, Marie de Lorraine, daughter of Claude, Duc de Guise, and widow of Louis d'Orleans, Duc de Longueville. She was crowned Queen in the Abbey Kirk of Holyrood House, 22 February 1539-40, and was Queen Regent during her daughter's early years. She died at Edinburgh Castle, 10 June 1560. By her he had issue:-
  • 1. James, born at St. Andrews, 22 May 1540, died in infancy at Stirling, and was buried at Holyrood in 1541.
  • 2. Arthur, born at Falkland, April 1541, died in infancy, and was buried at Holyrood.
  • 3. Mary, Queen of Scots, who succeeded her father.
Several illegitimate children of King James V. figure in the records of the time. By Elizabeth Shaw, daughter of Shaw of Sauchie, he had a son:-
  • 1. James Stewart, 'Senior,' whom he appointed to the office of Commendator of the Abbeys of Melrose and Kelso. He died without issue 25 Sept. 1557.
By Margaret Erskine, daughter of John, fourth Lord Erskine, he had:-
  • 2. James Stewart, 'secundus,' born in 1531. He had a charter of the lands of Tantallon and others, 31 August 1536. He was appointed Prior of St. Andrews in 1538, and from his half-sister, Queen Mary, the Prior received the Earldom of Moray on 30 January 1561-62, and the Earldom of Moray on 30 January 1561-62, and the Earldom of Mar on 7 February same year. On 22 August 1567 he became Regent of Scotland, and was assassinated at Linlithgow by Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh on 23 January 1569-70. (See title Moray.)
By Christina Barclay James had a son:-
  • 3. James Stewart, 'tertius,' who apparently died s.p.
By Euphemia Elphinstone, daughter of Alexander, first Lord Elphinstone, James had:-
  • 4. Robert Stewart, Commendator of Holyrood, married Jane Kennedy, daughter of Gilbert, Earl of Cassilis, in 1561, and was created Earl of Orkney, 28 October 1581. (See that title.)
By Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Carmichael, he had:-
  • 5. John Stewart, Prior of Coldingham. He maried, 28 December 1561, Jean, daughter of Patrick Hepburn, third Earl of Bothwell. He is styled on 22 June 1563 Lord Darnley. (See that title, and also Stuart, Earl of Bothwell.)
By Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of John, third Earl of Lennox, he had:-
  • 6. Adam Stewart, Prior of the Charter House at Perth, married Janet, one of the four daughters of William Ruthven of Ballendean. She died 1606.
There was another son also called
  • 7. Robert Stewart, 'secundus,' Prior of Whithorn. He is mentioned as the brother of Robert, Earl of Orkney, uncle of James VI., in a charter of 16 January 1581, granting the Priory to Patrick Stewart, son of that Earl.
James V. had at least two illegitimate daughters:-
  • 8. Jean. Her mother was Elizabeth Bethune, one of the Creich family, according to some authorities the daughter of David Bethune, the Treasurer, but according to others, the daughter of his son John. Jean was married to Archibald, fifth Earl of Argyll, in 1554, but was divorced from him in 1573. As proxy for Queen Elizabeth she stood godmother to James VI. at his christening in 1566, and was sentenced by the General Assembly to make a public repentance for this in the Chapel Royal of Stirling. She got letters of legitimation under the Great Seal as 'Comitissa de Argyll,' 18 October 1580. (See title Argyll).
  • 9. Margaret, another daughter, is mentioned in a contract in the charter-chest of the Earl of Home, wherein the Master of Home is proposed as her husband.
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