James Stewart, 5th High Stewart

James, fifth High Stewart, was born about 1243. He was one of the six guardians appointed in 1286 on the death of Alexander III., and in 1292 was one of the auditors appointed by Bruce to represent him in his claim for the Crown of Scotland. He was in 1292 one of the leading men who opposed the attempts of Edward I. to destroy the independence of Scotland, and was present with Wallace at the battle of Stirling in 1297. He died in 1309, a few years after the younger Robert Bruce had definitely asserted his claim and had been crowned King of Scotland. He married Egidia, sister of Richard de Burgh, Earl of Ulster, and had issue fous sons and one daughter:-
  • 1. Andrew, a hostage for, but who predeceased his father.
  • 2. Walter, his successor.
  • 3. Sir John, killed at the battle of Dundalk with Edward Bruce in 1318.
  • 4. Sir James of Durrisdeer, died s.p.
  • 5. Egidia or Giles, married to Alexander de Meyners or Menzies, ancestor of the family of Menzies.