James IV

James IV. 'of the Iron Belt' was born on March 17, 1472-3. He had taken part in teh war of the rebel lords against his father King James III., and after the murder of the latter was crowned at Scone in June 1488. In his reign the See of Glasgow was made an Archbishopric, and the University of Aberdeen founded. He was killed at the Battle of Flodden, 9 September 1513. He married (dispensation by Pope Alexander VI., Rome, 28 July 1500) Margaret Tudor, eldest daughter of Henry VII., King of England and sister of Henry VIII., at the Abbey Church of Holyrood, 8 August 1503, and by her had issue:-
  • 1. James, born at Holyrood House 21 February 1506-7, died 27 February 1507-8.
  • 2. A daughter, born 15 July 1508, died young.
  • 3. Arthur, born at Holyrood House 20 October 1509, died 14 July 1510.
  • 4. James, afterwards James V.
  • 5. A daughter born 1512-13, died young.
  • 6. Alexander, Duke of Ross, born in Stirling Castle after his father's death, died aged two years, and was buried at Cambuskenneth.
Queen Margaret Tudor was married secondly, at the Chapel of Kinnoul in August 1514, to Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus, by whom she had a daughter. She obtained a divorce from him in March 1526, on the ground of an alleged pre-contract, and in that year was married thirdly to Henry Stewart, created Lord Methven 17 July 1528, a younger son of Andrew, second Lord Avandale. She died at Methven 18 October 1541, and was buried in the Carthusian monastery of Perth. By her second husband she had a daughter.
  • 1. Margaret Douglas, born at Harbottle in October 1515, married 6 July 1544 to Matthew Stuart, fourth Earl of Lennox. (See that title.) She died at Hackney, 9 March 1577-8, having had two sons who survived infancy:-
    • (1) Henry, Lord Darnley, the second husband of his cousin Mary, Queen of Scots.
    • (2) Charles, Earl of Lennox, father by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Cavendish, of the unfortunate Lady Arabella Stuart, who married Sir William Seymour, afterwards Marquis of Hertford, and died s.p. a prisoner in the Tower, 27 September 1615.
King James IV. had several illegitimate children.
  • 1. Alexander Stewart (son of Margaret Boyd, a daughter of Boyd of Bonshaw). He was born about 1493; was created Archbishop of St. Andrews between July and September 1504-5. In 1507 he went abroad and studied under Erasmus. Returning in 1510, he was appointed Chancellor of Scotland in June 1510, and fell by his father's side at Flodden in 1513.
  • 2. Catherine Stewart, a daughter of Margaret Boyd, was married to James Douglas, third Earl of Morton.
  • 3. James Stewart (son of Janet Kennedy, daughter of John, second Lord Kennedy). Born about 1499, he was created Earl of Moray in 1501, and in 1535 became Lieutenant-General of the kingdom. He married Lady Elizabeth Campbell, only daughter of Colin, third Earl of Argyle, and died 12 June 1544, leaving a daughter (see title Buchan).
  • 4. Margaret Stewart (daughter of Margaret Drummond, daughter of John, first Lord Drummond, whom, it was feared, the king would marry, and who, it was alleged, died of poison.) She was born 1497, and was married, first, to John, Lord Gordon, and secondly, to Sir John Drummond of Innerpeffray.
  • 5. Janet Stewart (daughter of Isabella Stewart, daughter of James, Earl of Buchan). She was married to Malcolm, third Lord Fleming. She was in 1551 mistress of Henry II., King of France, by whom she had a son Henry, 'le Bâtard d'Angoulême, abbé, poète et capitaine, un des meurtriers de Saint Barthélemy.'
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