James III

James III. was born at Stirling on 10 July 1451. Succeeded his father, James II., 3 August, and was crowned at Kelso on 10 August 1460. On 13 July 1469 he married at Holyrood, Margaret, daughter of Christian I., King of Denmark, the Orkney and Shetland Islands being pledged to Scotland in payment of her dowry. King James's reign was disturbed by rebellions on the part of his brothers and his nobility, in the course of which he was taken prisoner in 1482, and at last was murdered after the battle of Sauchieburn in Stirlingshire on 11 June 1488, and was buried in the Abbey of Cambuskenneth. By his wife, who died 14 July 1486, and was buried in the same Abbey, he had three sons:-
  • 1. James, who succeeded him.
  • 2. James, born March 1475-6, was created Marquess of Ormond soon after birth, raised to the dignity of Duke of Ross in 1488. (See title Ross.)
  • 3. John, born apparently December 1479, received his uncle's Earldom of Mar in 1486, and died in March 1502-3.
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