James II

James II., known as 'James of the Fiery Face,' from a red birth-mark on his cheek, was born 16 October 1430; crowned at Holyrood 25 March 1437, married 3 July 1449, Marie, only daughter of Arnold Duke of Gueldres. King James II. was killed at the siege of Roxburgh Castle on 3 August 1460, by the accidental bursting of a cannon, leaving by his queen, who died in Edinburgh 1 December 1463, and was buried tehre in the Church of the Holy Trinity, four sons and two daughters:-
  • 1. James III. his successor.
  • 2. Alexander, created Earl of March in 1455, and Duke of Albany in 1458. (See that title.)
  • 3. David, Earl of Moray, died when about three years of age.
  • 4. John, Earl of Mar, who died unmarried in April 1479. He had been warded by his brother James III. on a charge of treason, and died in prison.
  • 5. Mary, married first, to Thomas, Lord Boyd, and second, (Papal dispensation 25 April 1474) to James, Lord Hamilton, by whom she had:-
    • (1) James, second Lord Hamilton (see title Arran), and
    • (2) Elizabeth, married to Matthew Stewart, second Earl of Lennox.
  • 6. Margaret, who was proposed as bride for the Duke of Clarence and for Anthony, Earl Rivers. She is stated to have been married to William, third Lord Chrichton, and by him had a daughter Margaret, Lady Rothes (see that title), but whether in wedlock is uncertain.
King James II. had also an illegitimate son:-
  • John Stewart of Sticks and Ballechin, ancestor of the Stewarts of Ballechin, in Perthshire.
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