James I

James I., third but only surviving son of Robert III., was born at Dunfermline in December 1394. He was captured at sea by the English on 4 April 1406 on his way to France, and was retained a prisoner till 28 March 1424. Shortly before his release he married Joan, daughter of John Beaufort, first Earl of Somerset. He was crowned at Scone 21 May 1424, and reigned till 21 February 1436-7, when he was assassinated at Perth through the agency of his uncle Walter Stewart, Earl of Atholl.

By his wife he had:-
  • 1. Alexander, born 16 October 1430, died in infancy.
  • 2. James, a twin with Alexander, afterwards king.
  • 3. Margaret, born 1424, married 24 June 1436 to Louis, Dauphin of France, afterwards Louis XI. She died without issue 16 August 1444.
  • 4. Isabella, married, as his second wife, to Francis I., Duke of Birttany, 30 October 1442.
  • 5. Joan, 'the dumb lady' (contracted 18 October 1440 with a tocher of 3000 merks to James, third Earl of Angus, who died before September 1446); she was married 1458-9 to James Doulgas of Dalkeith, first Earl of Morton. (See that title.)
  • 6. Eleanor, born 26 October 1427, married to Sigismund Von Tirol, Duke of Austria, brother of the Emperor Maximilian I. on 12-24 February 1449; died s.p.s. 4 March 1496.
  • 7. Mary, married in 1444, to Wolfart van Borselen, Count of Grand Pré and Lord of Campvere in Zealand. He died in 1487, having married secondly, 17 June 1468, Charlotte de Bourbon-Montpensier.
  • 8. Annabella, married first, 14 December 1447, at Stirling, to Louis, Count of Geneva, son of Louis, Duke of Savoy. From him she was divorced owing to the intrigues of the King of France, and sent home with a solatium of 25,000 crowns in 1458. Before 10 March 1459 she was married, secondly, to George Gordon, second Earl of Huntly, from whom she was divorced 24 July 1471. No reference to any issue is made in the divorce. Her later history is very obscure.
Queen Joan after her husband's death married Sir James Stewart, 'the Black Knight of Lorn.' She died at Dunbar 15 July 1445, and was buried in the Charterhouse of Perth.
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