David I 'the Saint'

David I. 'the Saint,' youngest son of Malcolm Ceannmore; born about 1080; married about 1113-14 Matilda, daughter and heir of Waltheof, Earl of Huntingdon, grand-daughter of Siward, Earl of Northumberland, and widow of Simon de St. Liz. He died at Carlisle 24 May 1153, aged about seventy-three, and was buried at Dunfermline. His wife Matilda, according to Fordun, died 1130-31, and was buried at Scone; but she appears in a charter c. 1147. By her he had
  • 1. Malcolm, said to have been strangled when a child by Donald Bane.
  • 2. Claricia, died unmarried.
  • 3. Hodierna, died unmarried.
  • 4. Henry, Earl of Northumberland and Huntingdon, married in 1139 Ada, daughter of William, Earl of Warenne, second Earl of Surrey. He predeceased his father David I. 12 June 1152, and was buried at Kelso. His wife died 1178. By her he had:-
    • (1) Malcolm, afterwards Malcolm IV. 'the Maiden.'
    • (2) William, afterwards William 'the Lion.'
    • (3) David, Earl of Huntingdon, born about 1144; married 26 August 1190 Maud, daughter of Hugh, Earl of Chester. He died at Jerdelay 17 June 1219, leaving issue:-
      • i. Robert, died an infant, and was buried at Lindores.
      • ii. Henry, died an infant, also buried there.
      • iii. John le Scot, Earl of Chester and Earl of Huntingdon; d.s.p. June 5, 1237.
      • iv. Margaret, was married to Alan, Lord of Galloway, in 1209. Her third daughter, Devorgilla, was married to John Baliol of Barnard Castle, and had with other issue:-
        • (i) John Baliol, who was a Competitor in 1291, and afterwards King of Scotland.
        • (ii) Alianora, was married to John Comyn of Badenoch and Tynedale. (See title Badenoch.)
      • v. Isabella was married to Robert de Brus, Lord of Annandale. (See title Annandale.) It was through her that King Robert Bruce had a claim to the crown.
      • vi. Ada was married to Henry de Hastynges; her grandson John was a Competitor in 1291.
      • Earl David had also three illegitimate children:-
        • (i) Henry of Stirling.
        • (ii) Henry of Brechin. These appear frequently in charters of the period as sons of Earl David. Henry of Stirling died apparently unmarried or s.p. Henry of Brechin held the lordship of that name, and by a wife named Julian, had issue.
        • (iii) Ada, was married to Malise, son of Earl Ferteth and brother of Earl Gilbert of Strathearn.
    • (4) Ada was married in 1161 to Florent III, Count of Holland; her great grandson Florence V., Count of Holland, was a Competitor in 1291.
    • (5) Margaret, was married first, in 1160, to Conan IV., Duke of Birttany, Earl of Richmond, and by him had issue; second, to Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford.
    • (6) Matilda, died young 1152.
    • (7) Marjory, possibly a daughter, as Robert de Pinkeny, one of the Competitors, claimed to be her great-grandson in 1291, but her position is uncertain.