John Gordon, Viscount Melgum

Lord John Gordon, fifth son of the first Marquess of Huntly, was created, 1627, VISCOUNT MELGUM AND LORD ABOYNE. And it would appear that he may have been known as Lord Aboyne, for his widow bore the name of Lady Aboyne. Lord Melgum and Aboyne was burnt to death in October 1630 when staying at Frendraught with Sir James Crichton, whom he had escorted home by desire of the Marquess of Huntly. Blackball states that he refused absolutely to visit Lady Frendraught because she was suspected 'to be guilty of the death of my Lord of Aboyne.' The Viscount married Sophia Hay, fifth daughter of Francis, Earl of Errol, who, as Lady Aboyne, was one of the three noble ladies upon whom Blackball afterwards waited. She died about 12 March 1642, and left issue, one daughter.
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