Walter Ogilvy of Carcary and Lintrathen, Kt.

Sir Walter Ogilvy of Carcary and Lintrathen. In 1403 he obtained from Henry Duncanson a charter of two parts of the lands of Easter Fingask; in 1406, from Robert, Duke of Albany, confirmation of a grant by Archibald, Earl of Douglas, of certain lands in the Barony of Lintrathen; and on 15 June 1414 he got a charter from the Duke confirming the Earl of Douglas's charter of that barony. Crawford states that he acquired these lands by marrying Isabel Durward, heiress of Lintrathen, but gives no authority for the statement. In 1424 he had a safe- conduct to go to Flanders. In 1425 he was appointed High Treasurer of Scotland, and in 1431-37 was in England as a commissioner for negotiating a truce.

In 1432 he got a licence from King James I. to erect his Tower of Eroly or Airlie in the form of a Castle and it, with the Castles of Bollischen and Forther, became the chief seats of his successors.

On 28 January 1426-27 he founded a chaplaincy in the Church of St. Mary of Auchterhouse, and endowed it with ten merks annually out of his lands of Kirkton of Essy and Keillour, and other ten merks from his lands of Carcary. This deed is witnessed by Sir Patrick Ogilvy and David Ogilvy, his nephew, and Walter his son. He died in 1440.

Sir Walter Ogilvy was twice married. His first wife was named Isabel, and for her soul masses were to be said according to the mortification of 1427. He married, secondly, Isabel, daughter of Sir John Glen of Inchmartin, and in 1405 there is a charter confirming a gift by the said Sir John, with the consent of Margaret (Erskine), his spouse, and John, his son, of the lands of Balhawal (Balhall) in Forfar, on account of Sir Walter's future marriage with his daughter Isabel.

On 6 November 1419 he got from Margaret, Lady of Inchmartin, a charter of the half-lands of Wardropstoun in the Mearns to himself in liferent, and to Walter, his son by Isabel, daughter of the said Margaret, with a destination to his sons David, Alexander, Patrick, and George, who are also mentioned as her sons in a charter by Margaret Glen of the lands of Auchleven, 20 November 1419.

Isobel Glen survived her first husband, and was married, secondly, to Robert Conynghame of Achinbowy. He left issue:-
  • 1. Sir John Ogilvy, of whom afterwards.
  • 2. James Ogilvy. These two, as they are not mentioned in the charter of 1419, were probably not children of Isabel Glen, whose sons appear nominatim in the destination above mentioned, but of Walter's first wife. He appears on an assize in 1450 as 'frater Johannis de Ogilvy de Lintrathin.'
  • 3. Sir Walter Ogilvy, ancestor of the Earls of Findlater. (See that title.)
  • 4. David, witnessed his father's charter of 28 January 1426-27, above mentioned.
  • 5. Alexander.
  • 6. Patrick.
  • 7. George.
  • 8. Giles, married to Robert Arbutlmot of Arbuthnot.
  • 9. Isabel, said to have been married, first, to Patrick, Lord Glamis, and, secondly, to Gilbert, first Lord Kennedy, and to have died in 1484.
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