John Ogilvy of Lintrathen, Kt.

Sir John Ogilvy of Lintrathen succeeded his father.

There is an instrument, dated at Airlie 5 June 1447, on a resignation by Michael David of the Bell of St. Medan, of which he was tenant and hereditary possessor, into the hands of Sir John Ogilvy of Luntreythyn, Knight, the superior of the said Bell, after which the said Sir John gave the Bell, with its 4 pertinents, fruits, and revenues, to Lady Margaret Ogilvy, Countess of Moray, his spouse, for her liferent use. He had a safe-conduct for three years to go abroad with William, Earl of Douglas, 1450.

On 28 January 1482-83 he had a charter from King James III. of the lands of Luntrethin, Airlie and others, all incorporated and erected into the Barony of Luntrethin, and in 1483 he entered a claim in the Sheriff-Court of Forfar to be free of all suit of court except at three head courts of the country. He died in June 1489.

He married Margaret, Countess of Moray, who was dead before 1471.

He is also said to have married Marion, second daughter of Sir William Seton of Seton, or William, Lord Seton, but there is no authority given for this statement.

He had issue:-
  • 1. Sir James of Airlie, his successor.
  • 2. David Ogilvy. He received from his father, with consent of his brother Sir James Ogilvy, an annualrent of 20 merks from the lands of Wardroptoun, 1 June 1468. Nisbet calls him David Ogilvy of Newtoun.
  • 3. Thomas Ogilvy, who is stated to have been chanter of Dunkell and afterwards Abbot of Cowpar.
  • 4. Christian, stated to have been married to Sir Alex-ander Forbes of Pitsligo.
  • 5. Elizabeth, stated to have been married to Sir Patrick Keith of Innerugie.
  • 6. Marion, stated to have been married to Henry Stewart of Rosyth. A Marjorie is mentioned as wife of Henry Stewart of Rosyth in a charter of 5 January 1458-59, but her last name is not stated.
  • 7. Margaret, stated to have been married, in 1482, to Sir Gilbert Ramsay of Banff.
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