John Ogilvy, 2nd Lord of Airlie

John, second Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, succeeded his father. He had a sasine of lands in 1504. In 1472 he was styled 'of Fingask,' and as 'John of Ogilvy, baron of Fingask,' had a safe-conduct with others to pass between England and Scotland in 1493, 1 as envoy of King James IV. In the charter of Fingask his wife is named Marion. Douglas calls his wife Jean, daughter of William, second Lord Graham of Kincardine. He held his title for a very short time, as he was dead before 9 January 1505-6. He had issue:-
  • 1. James, who succeeded him.
  • 2. Anthony, Abbot of Glenluce; living 1513.
  • 3. Margaret (Elizabeth according to Douglas), married to William Wood of Bonnytoun. She was his spouse in 1529.
  • 4. Janet, stated to have been married to Leighton of Ulyshaven. ('Marjorie a woman' had in 1502 a dispensation to marry Walter Lichtoun of Ulyshaven, but there is nothing to connect her with Janet Ogilvy.)
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