John of Ogilvy

John of Ogilvy, Lord of that Ilk, who in 1413 witnesses a charter by Sir Alexander Keith of Grandon in favour of Patrick of Ogilvy, son of Alexander of Ogilvy, Sheriff of Angus, and Christian Keith, his wife (see below). John of Ogilvy was Sheriff-depute of Angus in 1426, and was ancestor of the family of Ogilvy of that Ilk.

The Walter Ogilvy, son of Walter Ogilvy, son of Patrick Ogilvy, mentioned in the above charter of the lands of Wester Poury by Alexander Ogilvy of that Ilk has been generally identified with Walter Ogilvy, Sheriff of Angus, progenitor of the branches of Airlie, Innerquharity, Findlater, and Inchmartin.
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