James Ogilvy, 6th Lord of Airlie

James, sixth Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, succeeded his father; was made 'Ordinar Gentleman of the King's Chamber' 15 October 1580. In 1594-95 he was declared traitor for not answering the charge of resetting John Ogilvy of Craig, and in 1597 was with the latter ordered into ward in Edinburgh Castle. In 1599 he was at feud with the Earl of Atholl, and in 1601 with William Rynd of Carse. On his father's resignation as eldest son of James, Lord Ogilvy, he received, 24 December 1566, a charter from Henry and Mary of the barony of Lintrathen in tailzie to himself and his heirs-male, whom failing to the heirs-male of John Ogilvy his brother, whom failing to a long series of heirs; a very strange entail, instituting female descendants and distant cadets before some of the nearer male heirs. On 4 November 1611 he had a charter from James, Lord Coupar, of the office of Porter of the Monastery of Cupar and its fruits. He died about 1617. He married, first (before 1588), Jean Ruthven, fourth daughter of William, first Earl of Gowrie, who died 6 January or February 1611; secondly (contract dated 1613), Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Archibald Napier of Edinbellie and Merchiston, who was married, secondly, to Alexander Auchmoutie, Gentleman of the King's Bedchamber, and with her husband carried on a long litigation with her stepson Lord Ogilvy. He asserted that she, during her first husband's illness, had, under cover of night, removed all the writs and papers from Airlie, whereas she alleged that she had been imprisoned by her stepson, and that her servants had been tortured by him. James, sixth Lord Ogilvy had issue:-
  • 1. James, who succeeded his father.
  • 2. William, 9 July 1613, brother to Lord Ogilvy, 4 August 1637. He left a natural son, James Ogilvy, a witness of a deed in 1651.
  • 3. Mr. John Ogilvy of Newbiggiug. He, who is sometimes styled 'In Invergowrie,' from his marriage to Dame Agnes Napier, daughter of Sir Archibald Napier of Edinbellie, widow of Harie Balfour of Logie, and of Sir Patrick Gray of Invergowrie, died in Glenisla 22 November 1625, leaving three daughters.
  • 4. Archibald, a pupil in 1613.
  • 5. Jean, styled eldest daughter of the first marriage in 1615.
  • 6. Margaret, pupil in 1613, sasine 12 October 1643.
  • 7. Elisabeth, married (contract dated 1 November 1620) to George Gordon of Gight.
  • 8. James (only child of the second marriage). In 1662 a letter to Lord Ogilvy informs him that his uncle Captain James Ogilvy 'was lately at London for discovering ane invention and secret he has for preserving ships from sinking,' and sends a model, and begs him to 'prosper this business' with the King.
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