James Ogilvy, 4th Lord of Airlie

James, fourth Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, was served heir to his father in the Barony of Lintrathen 29 November 1524, and was appointed one of the Extraordinary Lords of Session 5 March 1542. He died before 13 July 1548, but after 27 November 1547, when he was at the siege of Broughty, having outlived his eldest son. He married Elinor Sinclair, daughter of Henry, Lord Sinclair. She survived him, and died before 2 January 1562, when her son Alexander was served heir. Issue:-
  • 1. James, Master of Ogilvy, eldest son. See below.
  • 2. Thomas of Westercraig, called second son of the late James, Lord Ogilvy 1548. He died before 1577, when his nephew Lord Ogilvy was served heir. He married, first, previous to the Reformation, Janet Fraser, daughter of Thomas, Lord Lovat, and relict of John Crichton of Ruthven. Thirteen years afterwards, during the lifetime of his first wife, by banns proclaimed in the Kirk of Glenlyon where she was a parishioner, he married Beatrix Chisholm, sister of James Ohisholm of Cromlix, but the marriage was annulled by the commissaries at the instance of the Procurator-Fiscal in 1573-74. He had issue by his first wife among 'divers bairns':-
    • (1) Archibald, styled heir-apparent in 1553.
    and by Beatrix Chisholm with other issue:
    • (2) Thomas; his legitimacy is dubious, but he is in 1594, in the Privy Council Records, styled son of the late Thomas Ogilvy of Craigis.
    He had also a natural son, John Ogilvy of Westercraig, which lands he transferred in 1603 to John Ogilvy, second son of James, Lord Ogilvy.
  • 3. John of Inverkeiler, ancestor of that family. In 1569 he and his eldest son, John Ogilvy, were accused of the murder of James Ramsay, tutor of the Lowis. He married Katherine Strachan, and died before 1603. His eldest son married (contract 6 November 1574) Elizabeth, daughter of David Betoun of Melgund, and perhaps was father of John Ogilvy of Peill, styled in 1614, 'Oy and heir of John Ogilvy of Inverkeilour.' He had also a daughter, Isabel, who was first wife of Robert Guthrie of Kinblethmont, and died 7 February 1577-78, leaving issue.
  • 4. Archibald.
  • 5. Alexander, mentioned in 13 July 1548, married Margaret Monypenny, relict of David Ogilvy of that Ilk.
  • 6. Helen, married to James, Lord Innermeath.
  • 7. Mariota, married (contract dated 21 September 1537) to Patrick, fifth Lord Gray.
  • 8. Margaret, married before 30 September 1546 to Sir David Graham of Fintry.
  • 9. Agnes, married to Sir Thomas Erskine of Brechin.
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