James Ogilvy, 3rd Lord of Airlie

James, third Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, succeeded his father before 9 January 1505-6, when he appears as one of the Lords of Council. He had a sasine of lands on 13 October 1505.

He was alive at least till 1513. He married Isobel Lindsay, daughter of Alexander, seventh Earl, and sister of David, eighth Earl of Crawford. He had issue:-
  • 1. James, who succeeded him.
  • 2. John.
  • 3. Archibald.
  • 4. Mary, said to have been married to David Lyon of Cossins, but perhaps she was the Marjorie Ogilvy, wife of John Lyon of Haltoun of Esse, who received a charter of the lands of Haltoun of Esse 4 November 1544.
  • 5. Isobel, stated to have been married to David Strachan of Carmylie.
  • 6. Beatrix, stated to have been married to - Garden of Leys.
  • 7. Margaret, 'ane of the sisteris of umquhil James, Lord Ogilvy,' grants a discharge with Andrew Gray her spouse to Elinor Sinclair, Lady Ogilvy, in 1552.
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