Airlie, Ogilvy, Earl of

Gilbert, the son of Gillebride, First Earl of Angus, and younger brother of Gilechrist, third Earl of Angus (see that title), was the progenitor of the family of Ogilvy. From the original home of the family in the land of Pury-Ogilvy in Angus it has spread, in the families of Ogilvy of that Ilk, of Airlie and Innerquharity, over the greater part of Angus, and in the branches of Findlater, over a large portion of Boyne, Banff, and Inchmartine, Aberdeen and Banff.

Between the years 1172-1177, as 'son of the Earl of Angus, Gilbert obtained, by a charter dated at Montrose, from King William the Lion, the lands of Purin-Ogguluin and Kynmethan, the former later known as Pury Ogilvy, which gave its name to its possessors. The charter now exists in Lord Home's charter-chest only in the form of a transumpt, made at the instance of Gilbert Ogilvy of that Ilk, 14 Feb. 1577, as the original, ' the samin is the eldest and principale evident quhilk he lies thairof' was then 'werray auld, warne and consumit, and skantlie may be weill red.' A copy of this transumpt exists in the General Douglas Charter-Chest, and Sir Wm. Fraser's The Douglas Book, iii. 349, Register House, and, it is stated, at Birkhill and Fotheringham also.
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