John Gordon, 3rd Earl of Aboyne

John, third Earl of Aboyne, was served heir to his father 7 October 1702. He attempted to obtain brieves for serving himself tutor-at-law to George Cosmo, Duke of Gordon, and had decree against him in February 1730.

He married Grace, daughter of George Lockhart of Carnwath, by his wife Lady Euphemia Montgomerie; she married, secondly, James, Lord Doune, afterwards Earl of Moray, and died at Darnaway 17 November 1738. Earl John died 11 April 1732, leaving issue:-
  • 1. Charles, fourth earl.
  • 2. John Gordon of Glentanner, who, after serving with the Royal Scots Regiment of Foot and the Fifty-second Foot, was promoted lieutenant-colonel in the army 6 September 1777. He married, 18 May 1761, at Carnwath, Clementina, only daughter of George Lockhart of Carnwath by his wife Fergusia, daughter of Sir George Wishart of Clifton Hall, Baronet. He died at Kinsale 30 October 1778, leaving issue:-
    • (1) John, lieutenant-colonel in the military service of the H. E. I. Company.
    • (2) George, R. N., died unmarried.
    • (3) James, died young.
    • (4) Clementina, died unmarried at Exmouth, 13 December 1801, aged 33.
    • (5) Grace, married, 23 April 1794, to William Graham of Mossknow, Dumfriesshire.
  • 3. Lockhart, who studied for the bar, and then entered the army, and became lieutenant-colonel. He was appointed judge-advocate-general of Bengal 1787, and died at Calcutta 24 March 1788. He married, first, Isabella, daughter of Elias Levi, and secondly, Catherine Wallop, sister of John, Earl of Portsmouth, and left issue:-
    • (1) Rev. Lockhart Gordon.
    • (2) London Harcourt Gordon.
    • (3) Catherine.
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