William Gordon, 2nd Earl of Aberdeen

William, second Earl of Aberdeen, was baptized at Methlic 22 December 1679. He was elected Member of Parliament for Aberdeenshire in 1708, but was unseated on petition by the House of Commons on the ground that the eldest son of a Scots peer could not represent a Scottish constituency. He was served heir to his father 19 July 1720, and was elected a representative peer 5 March 1721. He was re-elected in 1722, but being in constant opposition to the Government measures he was not elected in 1727. He married first, in 1708, Lady Mary Leslie, daughter of David, Earl of Leven and of Melville, and Margaret, Countess of Wemyss; she was buried at Methlic 29 January 1710, leaving a daughter.
  • 1. Anne, born 17 January, baptized at Methlic 26 January, 1709, married, 2 April 1731, to William, Lord Orichton, afterwards Earl of Dumfries and Earl of Stair. Lady Anne died in Edinburgh, 15 April 1755, without surviving issue.
  • 2. Mary, born 27 January, buried 3 February, 1710.
The Earl of Aberdeen married, secondly, 1 April 1716 at Huntingtower, Lady Anna Susan Murray, daughter of John, Duke of Atholl, on which occasion forty-nine vassals of the Duke paid twelve pence Scots for each merk land as a compliment. By her, who was buried at Methlic 22 June 1725, he had issue:-
  • 3. George, third earl.
  • 4. John Gordon, died 30 November, buried at Methlic 2 December, 1727.
  • 5. Catherine, born 20 October 1718, married, first, 3 September 1741 at Dunkeld (post-nuptial contract 23 September 1749) to Cosmo, third Duke of Gordon, and had issue; secondly, Staats Long Morris, M.P. general in the army, colonel of the Sixty-first Regiment.
  • 6. Susan, buried at Methlic 16 June 1725.
The earl married, thirdly, Lady Anne Gordon, daughter of Alexander, second Duke of Gordon, who died 26 June 1791, by whom he had
  • 7. William of Fyvie Castle, an estate which the Earl of Aberdeen purchased in 1734 and settled upon the issue of his third marriage. A further conveyance of 'The Tower, Fortalice, Lands, Lordship, and Barony of Fyvie, the Earl of Dumfermlings Lodging in Aberdeen and some Temple lands proceeds from Colonel James Seton of Barns, son of George, as grantor, who acquired right by decreet of adjudication in 1767 from Sarah Lydia Diodati, spouse of Dirk Hubert Verelst, Dutch ambassador to Berlin, grand-niece of George Seton of Barnes, who bought the estate in 1705 from Thomas Vicomte of Teviot, who had gift from King William 1695 on forfeiture of James, Earl of Dumfermling.' Mr. Gordon had a commission as colonel of the Eleventh Regiment of Dragoons 26 July 1756, and became general in the army 1 January 1798. He was M.P. for Woodstock 1767, and for Heytesbury 1774. He was appointed one of the Grooms of the Bed- chamber to King George III. 7 April 1775. He died 25 May 1816, and was succeeded by his son William Gordon; served heir 25 Nov. 1839; died s. p. 9 Jan. 1847.
  • 8. Cosmo, who entered the Third Regiment of Foot Guards 1755, and commanded the second battalion in America. He had the brevet rank of colonel 1780, and retired 1783. Died, unmarried, at Bath.
  • 9. Alexander, born 1739, became an advocate 7 August 1759, Sheriff of Kirkcudbright 1764-84, and was appointed a Lord of Session 1 July 1784, taking the title of Lord Rockville from a residence he had bought in Haddingtonshire. He married 26 July 1769, in Edinburgh, Anne, daughter of William Duff of Crombie, and relict of William, Earl of Dumfries and Stair. She died 24 August 1811. He died 13 March 1792 aged fifty-two, leaving issue:-
    • (1) Charles Gordon of Fyvie, born 27 April 1770, married 9 June 1806 Elizabeth, widow of William Clutton, died 18 February 1851, having had issue.
      • i. William Cosmo, served heir 1851. He married, 9 June 1848, Grace, third daughter of Sir Robert Abercromby of Birkenbog and Forglen, and died s. p. 18 December 1879.
      • ii. Alexander Henry, born 14 Jan. 1813; married 15 Sept. 1842, Catherine, daughter of Admiral John Douglas, and who died s. p. 1884.
      • iii. Charles William, M.P. for Berwick-on-Tweed who died 15 June 1863, aged 45.
    • (2) William, born 8 April 1772, M.P. for Worcester 1807, who succeeded his maternal uncle, Sir James Duff of Crombie, in the title of baronet, and assumed the additional surname and arms of Duff by royal licence dated 9 October 1813. He married, 10 February 1810, Caroline, daughter of Sir George Cornwall of Moccas Court, Hereford (who died 23 April 1875) and had issue besides two daughters:
      • i. Sir Alexander Cornwall Duff Gordon, father of the late Sir Maurice Duff Gordon who sold Fyvie Castle, and died without male issue.
      • ii. Cosmo, father of the present Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff Gordon of Maryculter, Aberdeenshire.
      Sir William died 8 March 1823.
    • (3) Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Gordon, A.D.C. to Earl of Hardwicke in Ireland, killed at Talavera 28 July 1809, unmarried.
    • (4) General Cosmo Gordon, who died 7 March 1867, aged 89, leaving issue a son Cosmo, who died in January 1876.
    • (5) Elizabeth, eldest daughter, died at Perth 5 October 1775.
    • (6) Anne, married, 17 June 1795, at North Berwick to John Cathcart of Genock, and died 1837.
    • (7) Jane, married, 14 January 1799, at Bargeny to the Honourable Hugh Lindsay, director of the East India Company, son of James, Earl of Balcarres, and had issue. Died 26 May 1862.
    • (8) Catherine, married, 1 October 1800, at Ayr to Robert Hepburn of Clerkington.
    • (9) Margaret, married, 12 July 1802, at Hendon, Middlesex, to Sir B. A. Coutts Trotter of Westville, county Lincoln, their grandson and heir being Sir Coutts Lindsay. (See title Balcarres).
  • 10. Charles, captain in the Fifty-sixth Regiment, died unmarried at Aberdeen 13 December 1771.
  • 11. Henrietta, married 2 March 1760 at Wallyford, to Robert Gordon of Hallhead.
  • 12. Elisabeth.
Earl William died in Edinburgh 30 March 1745, and directed his burial to be at Methlic. His testament, dated 3 January 1736, is at Haddo.
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