Patrick Gordon, 3rd of Methlic

Patrick Gordon of Methlic, had seisin of Methlic as son and heir, 19 April 1475, and acquired all the Park of Kellie, with the teinds, from David and Henry Annand; he also acquired the de Camera or Chalmers interests in Methlic. He appears as Patrick Gordon of Methlik in an instrument of 22 May 1488, and also as witness to a precept by George, Earl of Huntly, to John Grant of Freuchie, on 14 June 1491. Patrick Gordon had a royal charter of various lands in the regality of Garioch, 30 August 1505, some of which he had acquired from the Leslies in 1480, all by this charter incorporated into the barony of Knockinblewis. He also had a royal confirmation of a charter of Archadlie from William de St. Clair, Baron of Newburgh, 20 July 1487. He is probably identical with Patrick Gordon of Audach, witness to a charter of John Chene of Straloch, 4 June 1499, and with Patrick Gordon of Haudauch, who appears in an assize of service of William Forbes of Tolquhan, 1 February 1504-5. In 1531 he resigned the two Methlics in the king's hands in favour of his grandson, and died before 2 March 1534, when his son Alexander refers to a recent Obligation by him. He is said to have married Marion Ogilvie of the house of Findlater, and had issue.
  • 1. George, eldest son, living 5 March 1524, 8 who died vita patris. He is said to have married a daughter of Hay of Dalgety, and left issue.
    • (1) James, who succeeded his grandfather.
    • (2) Elizabeth, married to Thomas Chene of Essilmont. James Gordon of Haddo is called 'moder brother' of Patrick Chene of Essilmont in 1573.
  • 2. Alexander of Braco, in whose favour his father resigned the barony of Knockinblewis 26 July 1529. He had a royal charter thereon, 1 August same year. On 7 August 1529 he gave up all his right to the Park of Kellie, Overhill, and other lands in the barony of Auchterellon, to his father in exchange for Auchinblewis, and received sasine of that barony on same day. By Elizabeth Annand, his wife, he had a son and heir, Patrick, who had a new infeftment to him and Janet Seton, his spouse, 19 October 1556. There is a further progress of writs at Haddo House to 1678, the successors being always styled of Braco.
  • 3. Janet married, as his second wife, Alexander Forbes of Groddie and Towie.
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