John Gordon, 2nd Baronet of Haddo

Sir John Gordon of Haddo succeeded his father as second Baronet, and was retoured heir to his father in Kirkton of Tarves and other lands on 14 May 1647. An Act of Parliament restoring the bairns of the laird of Haddo was passed 3 March 1647, but Sir John does not appear to have acquired full possession of his estates before the Restoration, when his forfeiture was rescinded in 1661. He died in March 1667, as recited in his testament dative, which was confirmed 27 May 1668, to Sir George Gordon, his brother german. By his wife Mary, daughter of Alexander, Lord Pitsligo (of whom there is no record at Haddo), he had a daughter,
  • Janet, married Sir John Gordon of Lesmoir, contract dated 19 December 1676. Lord Pitsligo is a party as the lady's uncle. She was alive in 1696.
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