James Gordon, 4th of Methlic

James Gordon of Methlic and Haddo succeeded his grandfather, and had a royal charter of the two Methlics, in free barony, 11 September 1531, in his grandfather's lifetime, and again to himself on 31 May 1539. He appears as James Gordon of 'Haddaucht' on 12 April 1535, when he received sasine of the lands of Duchre, and also on 15 November same year, when he was one of the arbiters in a dispute about marches between his brother Alexander and James Forbes of Auchintoul. On 11 February 1560, as James Gordon of Haddo, he granted a charter to Christian Fraser (daughter of Andrew Fraser of Stoneywood), but in the confirmation by Queen Mary 18 July 1564, he is called 'of Methlik.' He had witnessed a charter of George Leslie, younger of Aikinway, by that designation, 15 July 1557. On 28 May 1559 he had a charter as 'consanguineus' from George, Lord Gordon, of lands in Tarves and many others, with destination to his sons. He was a faithful adherent of Queen Mary, and died before 23 May 1582, when his grandson had a gift of nonentries as his heir. His wife, Marjory Menzies, is mentioned in a charter of the New College of Aberdeen, 16 March 1543, and in a charter of Newpark of Kellie by the Earl of Crawford, 17 July 1575. He had issue:-
  • 1. Patrick, died v.p.
  • 2. Robert of Saphak, married Elizabeth Auchinleck, and had issue.
  • 3. David, supposed ancestor of the Gordons of Nethermuir.
  • 4. John of Tilliehilt, had charter thereof from his father, 8 July 1575.
  • 5. James.
  • 6. Alexander.
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