James Gordon, 1st of Haddo

James of Haddo, eldest son of Patrick, who succeeded his grandfather in 1582, and had charter of novodamus to himself and his eldest son of Haddo and the two Methlics, 10 December 1600. He died November 1623. He married, first (contract, 25 July 1582), Jean, daughter of William, Lord Keith, and sister of George, fifth Earl Marischal, by whom he had issue:-
  • 1. George.
  • 2. William, portioner of Archadlie, resigned 1631.
He married, secondly, Agnes Gordon, said to have been the daughter of John Gordon of Tillyhilt, and therefore her husband's first cousin, by whom he had
  • 3. Janet, married to Thomas Davidson, Commissary Clerk of Aberdeen. She was served heir to her father in certain lands, 11 February 1625.
He had also a daughter, Mary, mentioned A.D. 1599.
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