George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen

George, fourth Earl of Aberdeen, K.G., K.T., was born 28 January 1784 in Edinburgh, and was served heir to his grandfather 16 May 1806. During his minority he was a ward of Mr. Pitt and Viscount Melville, and was early initiated to political life, and in 1813 was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary to the Emperor of Austria. He signed the Treaty of Paris on behalf of His Britannic Majesty 1814. Having previously served as a representative peer he was on 1 June 1814 created VISCOUNT GORDON OF ABERDEEN in the County of Aberdeen in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. As a mark of affection for his first wife's family he obtained a royal warrant authorising him to assume the additional surname and arms of Hamilton. His lordship, who was in political association and intimate friendship with the Duke of Wellington and Sir Robert Peel, was Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs 1828-30 and 1841-6, Secretary of State for the Colonies 1834-5. Upon the fall of the Earl of Derby's administration in December 1852 the Queen commissioned Lord Aberdeen to form a Government. The well-known coalition between Sir Robert Peel's free trade party and the Whigs then took place, and the Earl of Aberdeen became First Lord of the Treasury and Prime Minister. The Government resigned in February 1855 on a vote of censure in connection with the conduct of the Crimean War, and the Earl of Aberdeen, who was inclined to a policy of non-intervention, did not again take office. He had been created a Knight of the Thistle in 1808, and was elected a Knight of the Garter, being invested at Windsor 7 February 1855. He was, as a mark of special favour, directed to retain both orders. He was also a knight of the Hungarian Order of S. Stephen, a unique distinction for a British subject. The earl was Lord Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire, Chancellor of Aberdeen University, Fellow of the Royal Society, and a trustee of the British Museum. He married first, 28 July 1805 at the Priory, Stanmore, Middlesex, Lady Katherine Elizabeth Hamilton, eldest daughter of James, first Marquess of Abercorn. She died 29 April 1812 at Argyll House, and was buried at Stanmore. She left issue, besides a son who died shortly after his birth in 1810,
  • 1. Jane, born 11 February 1807, who died unmarried at Stanmore 18 August 1824, and was there buried.
  • 2. Caroline Katherine, born 28 March 1808. Died unmarried at Argyll House 24 July 1818. Buried at Stanmore.
  • 3. Alice, born 12 July 1809. Died at Argyll House in April 1829. Buried at Stanmore.
The earl married, secondly, 8 July 1815, at the Priory, Harriet, Viscountess Hamilton, widow of James, Viscount Hamilton, eldest son of the said Marquess of Abercorn, and sister of George Sholto Douglas, Earl of Morton. She died at Argyll House 26 August 1833, and was buried at Stanmore, leaving issue:-
  • 1. GEORGE JOHN JAMES, fifth earl.
  • 2. General the Honourable Sir Alexander Hamilton-Gordon, K.O.B., Knight of the Legion of Honour, and had the order of the Medjedie; Colonel of the first battalion Prince of Wales' Leicester Regiment. Sir Alexander served in the Crimea, was afterwards A.D.C. to Queen Victoria. He had been equerry to H.R.H. the Prince Consort, and A.Q.M.G. at the Horse Guards 1854-9. He sat as M.P. for Aberdeenshire 1875-85. He was born 11 December 1817, died 19 May 1890, and was buried at Hanley, county Middlesex. He married, 9 December 1852, at St. James', Piccadilly, Caroline, eldest daughter of Sir John Herschel, Baronet, appointed, 8 December 1855, one of the women of the bedchamber to Queen Victoria. By her he had issue:-
    • (1) Alexander Hamilton Gordon, Lieut.-Colonel, R.A., born 6 July 1859, married 15 October 1888 Isabel, daughter of Major-General George Newmarch, R.E., and has issue.
    • (2) Francis Henry, born 19 March 1861, died 11 May 1885 in Ceylon, and there buried.
    • (3) William Reginald, first West Indian Regiment, born 28 November 1864, died 12 January 1890.
    • (4) Ernest Arthur, born 27 June 1866.
    • (5) George Herschel, born 16 May 1872.
    • (6) Victoria Alberta Alexandrina, born 25 July 1855, to whom H.M. Queen Victoria and H.R.H. the Prince Consort were sponsors, married, 25 April 1876, to Victor Alexander Ernest Garth Marshall of Monk Coniston (also a godchild of Queen Victoria). They have issue.
    • (7) Caroline Augusta, born 9 September 1856, married, 14 February 1885, to Arthur John Lewis Gordon, C.M.G. of Ellon Castle. They have issue.
    • (8) Louisa.
    • (9) Kathleen Isabella.
  • 3. The Reverend and Honourable Douglas Hamilton- Gordon, born 13 March 1824; successively rector of Stanmore, vicar of Earls Gift, county Tyrone, vicar of Northolt, Middlesex, Canon of Salisbury Cathedral, and Chaplain in Ordinary to Queen Victoria. He died at Salisbury (having resigned his preferments) 6 September 1901, and was buried there. He married, 15 July 1851, at St. James', Piccadilly, his cousin, Lady Ellen Douglas, daughter of George Sholto, 17th Earl of Morton. They had issue:-
    • (1) Douglas George of Tedworth Square, London, late Captain Second Middlesex R. V., born 7 August 1852, married, 7 June 1877, Edith, daughter of the Reverend Walter Trevelyan Bullock of Faulkbourn Hall, Essex, and has issue.
    • (2) George William, born 15 June 1854.
    • (3) William Hugh of Bywater House, Lymington, Hampshire, a clerk in the House of Lords, born 1 October 1855, married, 6 August 1890 Florence Evelyn, daughter of Thomas Edward Vickers, C.B., of Bolsover Hill, Sheffield, and has issue.
    • (4) Catherine Ellen.
    • (5) Ellen Louisa.
  • 4. Arthur Hamilton-Gordon, Baron Stanmore, G.C.M.G., born 26 November 1829 at Argyll House, in the parish of St. James, and there baptized. He was Private Secretary to his father as Prime Minister 1852-5, governor of New Brunswick 1861-6, of Trinidad 1866-70, of Mauritius 1871-4, of the Fiji Islands 1875-80, of New Zealand 1880-2, and of Ceylon 1883-90. He was created, 21 August 1893, Baron Stanmore of Great Stanmore, co. Middlesex. He married, 20 September 1865, at St. Martin's in the Fields, Rachel Emily, eldest daughter of Sir John George Shaw- Lefevre, K.C.B., who died at Malta 26 January 1889, and was there buried, leaving issue:-
    • (1) George Arthur Maurice, born in Eccleston Square, London, 3 January 1871, baptized at the Chapel Royal, Savoy.
    • (2) Rachel Nevil, born 13 July 1869, in Eaton Square, baptized in the crypt of St. Stephen's Chapel, in the Palace of Westminster.
  • 5. Frances, born 1819. Died unmarried in Argyll House 20 April 1834.
The Earl died in his house called Argyll House, near Regent Street, 14 December 1860, and was buried at Stanmore.
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