William Sandilands, 3rd of Cruvy

William Sandilands was served heir to his grandfather James in the barony of Petlair and other lands in Fife, 16 March 1602, and in the ecclesiastical lands and the vicarage of Easter Kinghorn, 14 September 1619. On 31 July 1596 he had a charter from the king of the lands of St. Monans, the town of which was erected into a burgh of barony with a free port; he had also the right of collecting harbour dues in consideration of the expenses he had been at in the construction of the haven, and on 6 April 1609 he had a charter to the same effect from the Bishop of St. Andrews on the restoration of episcopacy. On 1 August 1601 he had a grant in feu-farm of the lands of Houston, county Haddington, 3 and on 29 May 1601 he had a charter from David Oarnegy of Kinnaird to himself and his wife Jean Bothwell of half the lands of Scheillis, county Fife. He died in October 1644, aged 72. He married before June 1593 Jean Bothwell, daughter of Adam, Bishop of Orkney. She died 10 February 1625. By her he had:-
  • 1. James.
  • 2. William.
  • 3. Mr. Andrew.
  • 4. John.
  • 5. Margaret, married Sir James Learmonth of Balcomie, a Lord of Session, 1627-57.
  • 6. Mary, called second daughter.
  • 7. Christian, married Adam Bothwell of Pitcaly.
  • 8. Catherine.
  • 9. Elizabeth.
  • 10. Jean.
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