James Sandilands, 2nd of Cruvy

James Sandilands of Cruvy, the eldest son, had a precept from Chancery in November 1534; had a charter on 9 June 1540 of half the lands of Brokland, county Perth, and Cruvy, county Fife, and others which were incorporated into the barony of Petlair. He is styled of St. Monans in Fife in the charter to his sister Helen above mentioned. He had a charter on 16 August 1549 of the lands of Collessie and others on his resignation to himself and his wife Elizabeth Meldrum, and one of Cruvy in exchange for Brokland, 22 May 1557. On 21 January 1583-4 he excambed half the lands of Cruvy for half of Weddersbie and others with David Carnegie of Oolluthie, to whom on the 28th of the same month he sold half his lands of Newton of Collessie. He died 2 November 1585. He married three times

First, Elizabeth Meldrum; secondly, Janet, daughter of Andrew, Lord Gray, relict of William Ogilvy of Inchmartin; thirdly, Elizabeth, daughter of William Ramsay of Brakmonth, relict of Robert Watson, contract 19 October 1582.

He had issue
  • 1. James.
  • 2. Mr. Thomas, tutor of St. Monans in 1587.
  • 3. Peter, of North Pittedie.
  • 4. Mr. Andrew, 1 acted as tutor to his kinsman Lord Torphichen during his minority; married Euphemia Kinninmond, widow of Alexander Abercrombie of that ilk.
  • 5. John, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Patrick Ogilvy of Inchmartin.
  • 6. David.
  • 7. Janet, married (contract 11 December 1560) to James Lear month of Dairsie.
  • 8. Grisel, married (contract 25 August 1565) to John Strong of Balcaskie.
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