James, 7th Earl of Abercorn

James, seventh Earl of Abercorn, was born 22 March 1685/6; elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, London, 1715; succeeded his father 1734; was a lord of the bedchamber, and was sworn one of the Privy Council of England, 20 July 1738, and of Ireland, 26 September 1739; and dying in Cavendish Square, London, 11 January 1744, aged fifty- eight, was buried, 16 January, in the Duke of Ormond's vault in Westminster Abbey. He died intestate, administra- tion being granted to his son and successor 13 March 1744. He wrote Calculations and Tables relating to the Attractive Power of Loadstones, 1729. He married (by licence, Faculty Office, 26 March), 1711, Anne, daughter of Colonel John Plumer of Blakesware, in Hertfordshire, by Mary, eldest daughter of William Hale, of King's Walden, in the same county, and by her (who was baptized at Ware 3 July 1690, died at London 10 August 1776, aged eighty-six, and was buried, 13 August, with her husband) had six sons and two daughters:-
  • 1. James, eighth Earl of Abercorn.
  • 2. John Hamilton, entered the Navy; was lieutenant of the Louisa; wrecked in a storm, in December 1736, attending George I. from Hanover to England. He was the last man who quitted the ship, and on going ashore he was presented to and graciously received by the King, and Queen Caroline complimented his father on his gallant behaviour. He was promoted to the rank of captain of the Royal Navy 13 February 1741; successively commanded the Kingsale, the Augusta, the Vanguard, and the Lancaster; and was drowned, 18 December 1755, by the upsetting of his boat, going from his ship to Portsmouth. He married, in November 1749, Harriet, natural daughter of the Right Hon. James Craggs, Secretary of State; she was first married, 4 March 1726, to Richard Eliot, of Port Eliot, in Cornwall, and by him, who died 1748, had Edward Craggs-Eliot, created Lord Eliot 1784, and other children; she died 1 February 1769, having had by her second husband:-
    • (1) John James, ninth Earl and first Marquess of Abercorn (posthumous).
    • (2) Anne, died, unmarried, at Highgate, 4 November 1764.
  • 3. William Hamilton, died young.
  • 4. George Hamilton, born 11 August 1718; matriculated at Exeter College, Oxford, 19 March 1735/6; presented by his brother, in September 1753, to the rectories of Taughboyne, in the diocese of Raphoe, and Donagheady, in the diocese of Derry, in Ireland ; was afterwards a prebendary of Salisbury; and, 30 August 1783, appointed a canon of Windsor. He died at Taplow, 26 November 1787, aged eighty. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Lieutenant-General Richard Onslow, and by her, who died in 1800, he had three sons and nine daughters:-
    • (1) George, died unmarried, 11 October 1782, in the West Indies.
    • 2nd and 3rd sons died infants.
    • (4) Anne, born 6 October 1755; married to the Rev. F. H. W. Cornewall, Dean of Canterbury (afterwards Bishop of Worcester), and died suddenly at Delbury, in Shropshire, 18 December 1795, aged forty-one.
    • (5) Mary, born 26 November 1756.
    • (6) Harriot, born 11 January 1760; died 15 March 1788.
    • (7) Catherine, born 7 June 1763.
    • (8) Elizabeth, born 5 June 1765; married in 1793 to Glynn Wynn; and died in 1843.
    • (9) Rachel, born 17 October 1766.
    • (10) Jane, born 26 February 1768; married, first, July 1791, to William Plumer, of Gilston Park, in Hertfordshire, member of Parliament for that county; secondly, in 1825, Richard John Lewin, R.N.; and, thirdly, 16 July 1828, Robert Plumer-Ward, of Gilston Park aforesaid; and died in 1831.
    • (11) Cecil, born 15 March 1770; had the precedency of an earl's daughter granted to her by royal patent 27 October 1789; married, first, 4 March 1792, to John James, Marquess of Abercorn, from whom she was separated 1798; divorced by Act of Parliament, April 1799, for adultery with Colonel, afterwards Sir Joseph, Copley, Baronet, to whom she was married on 23 May 1799, and she died 19 June 1819.
    • (12) Isabella, born 28 September 1772; married at the Priory, Stanmore, 20 July 1795, to Lord George Seymour, Commissioner of Excise, youngest son of Francis, first Marquess of Hertford.
  • 5. Plumer Hamilton, died young.
  • 6. William Hamilton, born 18 February 1721; a lieutenant in the Royal Navy; lost in the Victory man-of-war off Alderney, 1744. Administration granted to his brother, the Earl of Abercorn, 15 December 1744.
  • 7. Anne, born 12 June 1715; married, 16 August 1746, to Sir Henry Mackworth, Baronet; and died at London 14 December 1792, aged seventy-eight, leaving her fortune to Thomas Huddleston, Esq., who had married her only daughter, Elizabeth, 18 April 1768.
  • 8. A daughter, born 27 February 1736; died an infant.
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