James, 2nd Earl of Abercorn

James, second Earl of Abercorn, born about 1603, succeeded his father 1618, and his grandfather, as Baron of Paisley, 1621. In regard of his father's services, of his noble blood and lineage, being descended of one of the most ancient houses in the realm of Scotland, and because his Majesty was desirous to encourage him and his posterity to make their residence in the Kingdom of Ireland, for the good of his service there, not doubting but that he would tread in the footsteps of his ancestors, he was, in his father's lifetime, when about thirteen years of age, created a peer of Ireland, by the title of LORD HAMILTON, BARON OF STRABANE in the County of Tyrone, with limitation of the honours to the heirs-male of the body of his father, by patent under the Privy Seal, dated at Westminster 18 October 1616, and by patent at Dublin, 8 May 1617. As the Irish estates were provided to his brothers by the will of their father, he resigned the Irish title in favour of his brother, Claud, 11 November 1633. He was excommunicated by the commission of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 1649, being a Roman Catholic, and ordered to remove out of the kingdom. On the death of William, second Duke of Hamilton, of his wounds at the battle of Worcester, 11 September 1651, his Lordship became male representative of the family of Hamilton, but the estates and titles of that house devolved on Anne, Duchess of Hamilton. He married about 1632, Catherine, daughter and heir of Gervase, Lord Clifton of Leighton Bromeswold, by Catherine, daughter and heir of Sir Henry Darcy of Leighton, relict of Esme, Duke of Lennox and Richmond (who died 30 July 1624). The Earl died about 1670, having had by his wife (who, by royal licence 28 November 1632, was authorised, notwithstanding her marriage, to retain her title, rank, and precedency as Duchess of Lennox, and who died in Scotland, and was buried 17 September 1637), three sons:-
  • 1. James, Lord Paisley, who died before his father. He married 28 April 1653, at the Church of St. Bartholomew the Less, London, Catherine, daughter of William Lenthall of Burford, in the county of Oxford, Speaker of the House of Commons in the Long Parliament, and by her had only a daughter, Catherine, married first to her cousin, William Lenthall, Esq. (who died at Burford, 6 September 1686, leaving two sons, John and James); secondly, to Charles, fifth Earl of Aber- corn.
  • 2. William Hamilton, colonel in the army, died before his father, being killed in the wars in Germany, without issue.
  • 3. George, third Earl of Abercorn.
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