About us

Uwe Kuester is the owner and operator of The Schnitzel Parlour, which features traditional German food, and Fackelmann's Chocolates (a.k.a Chocolaterie Fackelman). He and his wife, Beate, spend much of their time in the kitchen but they love it and as Uwe says " with food, friends and family comes together."

Even though they grew up in Frankenberg/Eder in Germany and later moved close to Frankfurt Germany, they consider Fredericton home. They have been in the Fredericton area since moving to Canada in 2000.

Though owning a small business keeps them busy, this couple still does what it can to help the community. They have helped the community by volunteering at the food bank and at the soup kitchen but have recently taken a break as with moving and expanding the business to it’s new location has been time consuming.

Volunteer work isn't the only thing this couple likes to do in their spare time. in the spring of 2008, Uwe felt the call to spread the Gospel through music. With the help of a couple friends, Jason Farris and Beverley Richard, they formed the gospel group 4 His Glory. Uwe says "We have the same taste in music, we have the same desire. We are all Christians and we want to show people what the Lord is doing in our lives and how He is working in His miracle ways.” 4 His Glory will be released their first CD in the Fall of 2010 and their second CD, "The Love of God" in the Fall of 2014.


Contact Us 

Questions, comments, concerns? Send us an email at info@theschnitzelparlour.com


Hansel & Gretel

We are miniature Dachshunds; we are shorthaired and are used for hunting. We hunt mostly badgers but sometimes foxes as well.

With our slim long body we can easily enter into the burrows of these animals. Our long snout, with the technical term “catch”, has proven to be very useful for hunting because it enables us to trace the prey to penetrate deep inside their dwellings. 

Our coat is the easiest to maintain. We have a cheerful disposition but also a strong sense of self-confidence. In the 19th century, our breed had been well known for the first time outside of Germany. The English Queen Victoria became to know our breed because of her grandson, the German Emperor Wilhelm II and held our breed close to her heart. 

In the 1972 Olympics the “Dachshund Waldi” was the German Olympic mascot. The Dachshund was chosen as the mascot because of strength, agility and resilience. We have however decided, that we are not hunters and we would rather hang around in the office and play. We love when people visit and play with us. We even have our own Face book page: Hansel & Gretel. Hope you go home and click “like” so you can be our friend. 

Please come back soon. Auf Wiedersehen.

The Schnitzel Parlour is the only authentic German Restaurant in the greater Fredericton area. The recipes that we use go back as far as our great great grand parents. Some of these dishes were and are a big part of our family dinners and traditions.

We take pride in buying local and in doing so we support local families and businesses.Because we do support local businesses some items may not be available at all times.

Our rolls, Spaetzle (German pasta), bread dip and salad dressings are all home made and all our cakes and Truffles are made in house.

All of our entrees are prepared from fresh ingredients by hand.

We do not add any preservatives, and high quality ingredients are the success to our outstanding food.