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Looking forward to 2015

posted 29 Dec 2014, 06:21 by Schengen Visa   [ updated 29 Dec 2014, 06:21 ]

The end of 2014 will soon be upon us. It's been quite a year with lots of people enjoying all that the Schengen area has to offer! It's also been a big year for We've celebrated our 2nd anniversary of the website and introduced our 'Email Advice Service', allowing us to give detailed advice on an individual basis to many happy customers!

We look forward to 2015 and all it has to bring to the Schengen area. Will 2015 be the year Bulgaria and Romania's borders come down? And Croatia will be putting forward their application to join the Schengen area too!

We hope you all manage to visit Europe and the Schengen area in 2015 and look forward to assisting you with your applications and questions. We plan on introducing a new service to check over all applications so check back soon!

30% discount on application form guidance!

posted 16 May 2014, 08:37 by Schengen Visa   [ updated 16 May 2014, 08:38 ]

Summer is coming and Europe offers so much to see and do! In the spirit of summer is happy to announce that we are giving a massive 30% discount on our comprehensive application form guidance! 

For more details and to take advantage of this offer, visit our 'Completing the application form' page now!

New! Email Advice Service

posted 12 Feb 2014, 07:57 by Schengen Visa is pleased to now offer a new service - specialist advice by email which is understandable, affordable and up-to-date! 

Whether you need help understanding the complex nature of the application or simply a quick response to a problem before submitting your application, our email advice service can help. The service is provided for a fixed fee of £14.99 and a response will be sent within 1 business day of the question being submitted. 

Website updates

posted 3 Feb 2014, 08:29 by Schengen Visa   [ updated 3 Feb 2014, 08:30 ]

We hope you are finding the information on our website useful and that your plans to visit the Schengen area are going well!

We have recently updated our links to Schengen Embassy websites from our 'What document do I need?' page as well as our 'Where do I apply?' page, so you can check individual Embassy requirements quickly and easily!

We intend to bring back our 'Premium content' and the 'Application review' soon, so please bear with us until this is back online.

Happy travels!

Application Reviews

posted 8 Jan 2013, 06:18 by Schengen Visa

We are very pleased to annouce that is now available for appointments in order to review Schengen visa application forms!

This service will initially be offered in the Merseyside and Wirral area of the UK.

For more information, please click here!

Schengen Agreement for fall? - 11 May 2012

posted 12 May 2012, 08:36 by Schengen Visa

The debate on the EU's internal borders in the past year been intensified. Border controls have periodically risen in countries such as France and Denmark, led to a mile show queues along the roads and heated debate about the importance of open borders. The accusations and threats against the Schengen Agreement which flared up during the French election campaign suggests that the confidence between the countries are frayed and that reform is necessary.

Read the full story here:

TSV says:
It will be an interesting few months for the Schengen countries, but it would be strange for them to make dramatic changes to the Schengen Agreement with the major events coming up this summer.

Tighter border rules in Europe would backfire - UN - 24 April 2012

posted 26 Apr 2012, 08:15 by Schengen Visa   [ updated 26 Apr 2012, 08:16 ]

(Reuters) - France and Germany would shoot themselves - and Europe - in the foot by pressing for stepped-up border controls in the travel-free Schengen region, the top U.N. tourism official said on Tuesday.

Countries should instead insist on more liberal travel rules or risk being left out of the revenue and jobs that tourists shower on their favourite travel destinations, said Taleb Rifai, secretary-general of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Read the full story here:

Scheng-end? Germany wants border control in free travel zone - 5 April 2012

posted 5 Apr 2012, 07:32 by Schengen Visa

The EU’s cherished Schengen free movement agreement is now at stake with its largest member, Germany, calling for the re-introduction of border controls. Greece, which contributes 90 per cent of the bloc’s illegal immigrant inflow, is first in line. ­

Germany is calling for EU member states to be able to temporarily ban neighbors who fail to effectively tackle the illegal immigration from the Schengen area.

Read the full story on

New premium content on offer - 3 April 2012

posted 3 Apr 2012, 11:01 by Schengen Visa

I'm very pleased to announce that is now able to offer a new form of
advice, the Schengen Visa Information pack!

This pack contains simple guidance on how to complete every question of the application form, instructions on how to draft a covering letter and more!

It is now available for the low, introductory price of just £5.00!

To read more, visit 'Completing the application form' page on our website.

Happy birthday to the Schengen Area - 26 March 2012

posted 26 Mar 2012, 08:10 by Schengen Visa

It's been 17 years since the Schengen Area came in to force when the Schengen Agreement along was implemented by 7 EU member states and opened up the boarders in Europe. A truly great achievement!

In case you need even more information than you can find on this website, take a look at for a full history!

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