(alternate title: Oh my God! What have we gotten ourselves into?!)

two aspiring architects attempt at a major remodel






About Us    


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Welcome to our site.  We are sharing images and stories of the remodel of our home. We purchased in the the house in the summer of 2004.  We did not accomplish much for the first couple of years, mostly for financial reasons.  Now into year three things are in full swing.  We hope by sharing this project with you you will feel sorry for us. Not really, we just thought we would share our progress with you.  See the triumphs and mistakes and possibly learn a thing or two. 

The House

Our home was built in 1907, so it is 100 years old as I am writing this.  It is located on the south side of Billings, MT.  It was originally built as a single family residence, but has taken on roles as several apartments over the years.  At one time it was four 400 s.f. apartments.  There is a sugar factory near by and the home was used for migrant workers.  The arrangement when we bought it was as two apartments, one on each of the two levels. This means that that there is no internal stair.  Unfortunately, the house has undergone several interior remodels so we do not know what the interior originally looked like.  I estimate that the last remodel was done in the late 30's to 40's.  The good thing about the more relatively recent remodel is we don't have to feel to bad about not restoring it to original.  The down side to the recent remodel is we can't restore it to the original.