Healthcare speaker & patient advocate Margo Corbett created The Savvy Patient‘s Toolkit to help you take control of your medical care.

It’s one thing to have a Personal Health Record / PHR and another thing to know how to use your personal health information.  Your life could depend on health information only YOU know about your health and your body. Your medical history is more than what happened in the past!

The simple, but comprehensive method outlined in The Savvy Patient’s Toolkit:
  • Enables you to answer doctor’s questions quickly and easily – no more forgetting!
  • Guides you to ask the right questions.
  • Helps you help your doctors make the connections between your symptoms, chronic diseases, medications, and family medical history for a more accurate and faster medical diagnosis.
  • Helps you prevent medical errors.
  • Helps you improve patient doctor communication.
  • Overall, helps you build a healthier relationship with your healthcare providers.
  • Results in increased confidence and peace of mind about your medical decisions.
  • It also makes chronic disease management & medical record keeping simple!

Doctors everywhere are overworked and under staffed.  Don’t let a medical mistake happen to you or a loved one!  It’s time for you to take an active part in your own care.  As you care for parent, another loved one or yourself, you will learn how to become a more effective patient advocate.