It’s a maximum-security Christmas: the turkey’s dry, the cards are depressing, and your gifts get confiscated by asshole guards. For Troy Khoury, it’s also his first Christmas without his twin brother, who was killed in the same police shootout that got Troy incarcerated. With his pretty-boy face and no one left to watch his back, Troy falls victim to a classic protection racket. If he doesn’t want to spend New Year’s eve at the mercy of the aptly-named “Pliers,” he’ll do the family’s dirty work and take out ex-enforcer Daniel Amato. He’s already got the knife; he just needs to get close enough to kill. Daniel’s bed should do the trick. 

The Saturnalia Effect Cover Image The closer he gets, though, the more Troy realizes he’s no murderer. When seducer is seduced, it’ll take nothing short of a miracle to free both men from the knots Troy’s tangled himself in. And even if they manage it, for a man serving a life sentence “free” is just another word.

Pants Off Reviews
"[T]his unusual and deeply intense story is worth being read.... This is a book you will think about, and I guess the authors have done their job. I thought I got a neatly wrapped HEA, and I would have been happy with it. Though I would have just marked it off as just another story. Then it surprises you with a WTF moment, and you know it's not just another story."

Between the Covers
"I was on the edge of my seat as the events unfolded.... The rawness and darkness are what make the tale so enthralling and beautiful in its bleakness.... [I]n line with the movie Shawshank Redemption, not all bad guys are that bad and not all good guys (aka, the guards) are that good.... In addition, the use of submission and dominance between the two leads was well applied, although some of the roughness may be of concern to sensitive readers."