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Our Growers

Our Growers

Here is a list of the growers and producers currently selling through The Sankofa Farm. All of them are located in or near The Sankofa Farm. The furthest is about 75 miles away.

All of the products you buy come directly from the grower or producer. There are no resellers, no middle men, and nothing but fresh locally grown products.

Like at a traditional farmers’ market, these growers describe their own products, set their own prices, and are selling directly to you.

Information on how you can also sell your products through this market can be found at the bottom of the page. You should have a good understanding of how we work before you apply to be a grower. We’d prefer if you first become a customer and place a couple orders so you can see firsthand how we operate. At the very least carefully read through the entire website.

No growers in this market use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides!


The Sankofa Farm
Beddington, Maine