Green Garden Parties

We at The Sankofa Farm believe that building a community is one of the most important elements of supporting local food. What better way to build a community than to throw a party!

We are pleased to offer our Green Garden Party® services to small groups at private homes and gardens. We don’t sell gadgets or gizmos and there is no pressure to buy a thing. You won’t walk away with a $30 this or a $50 that; you will walk away with knowledge that you will have for a lifetime that you can share with your friends and family. All we ask is you bring your questions and come ready to learn about growing your own food.

Green Garden Parties® include:
Two hours of instruction
Educational materials
Door prizes
Hostess Gift

Green Garden Parties® we offer:

Fabulous Fruits ~
Choosing, planting, and harvesting fruiting trees, shrubs, vines, and canes that are ideal for urban spaces and can easily be integrated into an existing yard.

Food at Hand: Container Gardens ~
Learn to grow salads, herbs, and fruits & vegetables in a variety of containers.

Healthy Soil, Healthy Food ~
The basis for healthy food is healthy soil. Learn about organic soil amendments, composting, and mulch as well as how to heal over-fertilized and chemical saturated soils.

From Lawn to Food: Starting Your Vegetable Garden ~
A 101 conversation about where and how to start an urban vegetable garden. Discussion will involve soil preparation, raised beds, cool and warm season vegetables, and more.

Canning Green Garden Parties® we offer:

Pickled and Preserved
A basic introduction to saving the garden’s harvest using water bath and fermentation pickling techniques. Class will include information about health and safety, appropriate canning supplies, recipes for pickles, mixed vegetables, and sauerkraut as well as a seasonally appropriate hands-on activity.

Preserving Tomatoes and Salsa
A basic introduction to the wonderful and varied world of tomatoes and salsas. Learn how to safely preserve tomatoes, sauces, juice, and salsas understanding when to waterbath, freeze, or pressure can tomato products. Class will include information about health and safety, appropriate canning supplies, recipes for salsa and spaghetti sauce as well as a hands-on activity.

Create Your Own Green Garden Party®
We are happy to accommodate other gardening and preservation topics that are specific to your garden and preservation needs. Give us a call with your garden party idea!


Fee: $150 minimum up to 10 people, additional $15/person after the initial 10.

Additional Fees:
Travel expenses.
Add an Activity: $50

To schedule your Green Garden Party®   contact us