Our Community Supported Agriculture Program

     Become a Member of the Farm through our Community Supported Agriculture program.

  Shares for the 2013 season are currently sold out, but we are selling shares for the 2014 season.  

A CSA is a commitment between an eater and the farmer; as a member, you purchase a share upfront and as the farmer, we do our very best to provide you with a basket of well balanced produce through the end of the season. There are risks involved that we have NO control over. Weather, pest pressures, and disease can all wreak unsuspected havoc on a crop.  By growing climate adapted and pest resistant varieties we do our best to overcome these obstacles. Even then, there are times when we will lose a crop or it will be buggier than usual.  While unfortunate, those unforeseeable loses are precisely why we love farming so much; it puts us in touch with something so much larger than ourselves.  Please remember that we are members of this CSA as well.

How It Works:
You pay a “share” of our annual budget in return for a share of the farm’s seasonal harvests, thereby becoming a member of the farm.  Your membership is an investment in the farm for a full year and gives you access to the best selection of locally-grown, hand-picked produce at the most affordable price.

     Farm members receive a weekly supply of fresh, hand-picked vegetables at their peak of flavor, nutrition and eating quality.  A weekly “share” contains from 8 to 12 different vegetables.  One vegetable might be a head of lettuce, a bunch of radishes, 10 tomatoes, or a pound of carrots.
See  What We Grow for a more complete list). 
We grow up to 60 types of vegetables and select hundreds of the best varieties based on flavor and quality rather than shelf-life and uniformity.

When Is Produce Available?
    We distribute produce 18 weeks from June through early October.

Where, When and How Do I Receive My Share?
You have 2 options:

  1. Pick-up your vegetables at the farm on Tuesdays or Fridays.  Our farm pick up location is 139 Rte. 193 Beddington, Maine 04622.
  2. Pick up your share from a nearby drop-off spot or at your home or business on Tuesdays for an extra fee.

          Our delivery areas include the following:

Blue Hill
(Request Your Town)

     We are currently recruiting hosts for centralized drop off locations.  Would you like to host a drop off location?  If so, you must have safe, easy and quick vehicle access; a shaded and safe space for produce boxes & information display; ability to help organize empty boxes after the pick-up.  Our drop-off site hosts can waive their delivery fee and claim a discount on the full share price.

     If you choose Home Delivery, please make sure you have easy, safe, clear and quick vehicle access and a safe, shady spot for your box of vegetables.

Benefits Beyond The Food?
Whether you pick-up at the farm or request deliveries, each member receives the same amount of fresh vegetables, a regular newsletter, invitation to seasonal farm events & celebrations, and discounts at our farmers market stand. 

What Share Is Best For Me?
If you really like seasonal, fresh vegetables or if your household is more than two people, then the Full Share Membership is your best option.

     If you are a single person, or your family enjoys only occasional fresh vegetables, then the Half Share is your best option.

     As for pick-up options we offer on farm pick-up to get the full farm experience.  Those who pick up on the farm have access to the best hand picked crops.  Deliveries are offered for convenience to those who don’t have the time to drive to the farm. 

How Much Does It Cost?
     A Full Share Membership is $475.00.
     A Half Share Membership is $250.00. 
     For Home Delivery add $125 (less than $7.00 per delivery).
     For delivery to a centralized drop-off spot, add $25.*
          (*We are currently recruiting drop-off spot locations, so call the farm for
          drop-off spot information and locations.)

How To Join
Fill out our Sign Up Form send in your full payment or your first installment, and you’re in!

     (Memberships are available as long as supplies last.  When we sell out, you are invited to join our Waiting List for priority status when shares become available.)

What if the Weather is Bad this Year?
CSA spreads the benefits and risks of agricultural production between the farmer and the members.  This means that if the weather is not so good during a growing season the effects are spread among many people, not just the farmer.  This is how CSA keeps small farms like ours going strong through thick and thin.  The upside is that when the weather (and production) is fantastic, then the benefits are spread to you, too!  Remember that your membership is an investment in land, food and relationships that have both immediate and long-lasting impacts. 

What If I Go Out of Town During The Season?
If you go out of town during the season or are unable to pick up your share please make arrangements to pass the bounty on to a neighbor or family member.  If you know ahead of time that you will be gone please call (48 hours advance notice) to let us know, and we can arrange for you to receive your share another time.  Otherwise your share will be left at your drop site or donated.

Current Membership Status
Farm Membership for the 2012 season is Open and For Sale!

Are You a Raw Foodist or Juicer?
Do you eat a LOT of vegetables as the centerpiece of your diet?  If you would like to invest in a LARGE supply of seasonal vegetables we would love to talk with you about unique, custom memberships.

For Questions and Information
Please contact us at 267-295-7978 (voice mail) or e-mail us at SankofaFarm@gmail.com