Welcome to The Sankofa Farm! The Sankofa Farm, part of the Global Village Project, is an agricultural education center and local farming business in the beautiful mountains of Maine, between Bangor and Calais.

Become a Member of The Sankofa Farm

     Become a Member of the Farm through our Community Supported Agriculture program.

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  Shares are currently sold out. Please call or e-mail to be placed on our Waiting List, as well as to answer any questions you might have, since we may add shares before the season starts.  Being on the Waiting List does not obligate you to buy a share, but it gives you priority when shares open up.   

How It Works:
You pay a “share” of our annual budget in return for a share of the farm’s seasonal harvests, thereby becoming a member of the farm.  Your membership is an investment in the farm for a full year and gives you access to the best selection of locally-grown, hand-picked produce at the most affordable price.

     Farm members receive a weekly supply of fresh, hand-picked vegetables at their peak of flavor, nutrition and eating quality.  A weekly “share” contains from 8 to 12 different vegetables.  One vegetable might be a head of lettuce, a bunch of radishes, 10 tomatoes, or a pound of carrots.See  What We Grow for a more complete list).  We grow up to 60 types of vegetables and select hundreds of the best varieties based on flavor and quality rather than shelf-life and uniformity.

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On the Farm No cigarettes or any types of drugs are permitted. For the safety of all parties as well as our livestock, no off farm pets are allowed.