The Runyon House



CIRCA 1775-1780

This is The Runyon House, an 18th century house in Middlesex, New Jersey, that originally stood at 175 Possemtown Road.

Originally owned by Benjamin Runyon. In 1978 it was moved to an historical park named "East Jersey Olde Town".

It is said to have housed slaves via the Underground Railroad and also served as a wayside inn.

Vincent's son, Peter, is said to have settled that piece of land. In his will he left a sizable tract of land to his younger brother Benjamin, and here Benjamin built this house circa 1775-1778. Benjamin left the house to his wife Mercy (which was unheard of in those days). When Mercy died in 1852, Peter's son, Daniel, inherited the house. Daniel sold it the Nelson Boice, ending the almost 100 years of occupation by Runyons.

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The Runyon House can be seen at this address:

East Jersey Olde Towne
Intersection of
River Road & Old Hoes Lane
(732)745 4489

This is the Runyon House  plaque located in historical Elizabethtown, N.J.
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Home of Robert Runyon
This is a copy machine copy of the house where our great-grandfather, Robert Leeper Runyon lived in Kentucky. Sorry it's not the best image.

The Runyon House
National Register #00001193
Runyon House
12865 River Road
South of Courtland
Built 1868
Also known as Live Oak Ranch

Runyon House Near Courtland, California

Runyon House Near Courtland, California


The Shotwell-Runyon House
The Shotwell-Runyon House, Happy Valley Lane, Metucher Vicinity, Raritan Township Middlesex County, New Jersey. It was built by Benjamin Shotwell around 1750, and was left to his daughter Nancy Thornal. John Runyon bought it from Nancy in 1801. Five generations of Runyons lived here, the last being Herbert Runyon, who was the owner at the time it was researched.
Those Runyons were John, Ephraim H., Isaac S., Herbert and his son Gilbert.
Added 1987 - Building - #87000875)
26 Runyon's Lane - Edison, New Jersey
Period of Significance: 1750-1799

 Home of Mrs. Mary Runyan

The home Dr. Runyon @1928

 The Runyon Home
Chatsworth, Illinois
The "Cliff" and Grace (Nance)  Runyon Home-taken in the 1990's . Occupied by the Runyon family since 1962. Was located on Elm Street. Previously located on the corner of Walnut and First Streets, the home was moved to the Elm Street lot in the late 1950's and both beautiful porches were removed. It was the home of Jess and Mary Moore prior to that, for many years. It has been torn down following a fire. This photo shows my mother's love for her flowers, her "Cub" memoribilia and her front porch swing, where she spent many hours.