Welcome to The Rued Review! The Rued Review is a development in progress; that is, currently an online project with aims to reach print. Basically, we are a group of graduate, as well as undergraduate students of the University of Wisconsin--Green Bay who are working to develop our own journal of the arts. This means that we need submissions, and lots of them! There are two major things we are looking for here at the Rued Review: quality and exclusiveness. We like traditional, as well as experiments, as long as it's intriguing. We like witty first lines, we like to be disoriented, we like to be jarred. Our aim, here, is to publish quality, unique pieces on a regular basis and eventually be able to compile something you can hold in your hands. We are currently accepting submissions for our first issue, and would be happy to look over your work. See our submissions page for more information! 


We have currently received enough poetry submissions for an issue, but are looking for more fiction and nonfiction. Understatement, scene, and vivid image are the keys, here. We don't want to be told what to feel; we want to read a scene and feel it for ourselves.