Thermal Management of Photonic and Electronic Systems
The TherPES laboratory focuses on research, development, design, analysis, optimization, and implementation of thermal management techniques for electronic and photonic equipment.

TherPES Current Projects Address:
  • High flux microprocessor cooling
  • Energy efficient heat sinks
  • Hotspot remediation
  • Two phase microchannel cooling
  • Two phase micro gap cooling
  • Thermal interface materials
  • Enhanced polymer composite heat exchangers
  • 3D micro-system cooling

Lab Announcements:
  • Prof. Bar-Cohen delivered the Fourier Lecture at IHTC15! The full presentation can be accessed here and general pictures of the conference are available here and here.
  • Prof. Bar-Cohen featured in ASME Applied Mechanics Reviews Podcast: Click to hear Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3!
  • Read Prof. Bar-Cohen's interview in the September 2013 issue of Against the Grain: Click Here to Read!
  • Prof. Bar-Cohen interviewed about receiving the ASME Honorary Member Award: Watch the Video!
  • Prof. Bar-Cohen featured at CoolingZone12 eConference: Watch the Video!