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 I was given the name Rose Rock King years ago by fellow rockhounds because I had a lot of Rose Rocks at the time.
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                                         NUMBER ONE  
                              GOLD PANNING IN COLORADO 
                                A SPECIAL NOTICE BY GEORGE FINLEY
The history of Colorado has been the Gold Mining and Mining Towns of Colorado.
One of the Big Gold Mining Rushes in America was in Colorado. People come every year to see the Old Mining Towns and some to do a little recreational Gold Panning. Those days of the Big Gold Rush Days are over but not forgotten. Today it is the small time recreational Gold Proctor who does a little Gold Panning and dreams of finding some Gold. Now days it seems some of the Cities are no longer letting recreational Gold Panning or even the picking up of Rocks. My wife's great, great, great, great, grandfater would turn over in his grave to know that recreational Gold Paners may be having a harder and harder time to find a place to Pan for Gold. It seems that my wife's grandfather was also credited with the first Gold discovery in Colorado.
His name was George S. Simspon and he is the one who is buried in Trinidad, Colorado.
There is hope that a Recreational Gold Panning Park can be made so the weekend Recreational Gold Panniers and maybe a place for even Rock Hounds who can then have a place to hunt Gold and Rocks. Colorado has a rich history in Gold Mining and other types of Mining. It would be a sad day if that were to be stopped.
There is a web site that has been given updated information about a possible Gold Panning Park. (sandawaygrs@gmail.com)
Just found out that a brother-in-law, sister, and three children took Gold Panning Pans with them when every they went fishing in Colorado. Will future childern be able to do the same thing?
                                       NUMBER TWO
                 Posted May 15,2012 by RD Sandaway
Gold unlimited core members met with instructors from the Greenway Foundation's 
SPREE program on Monday, to teach the finer points of how to teach gold panning to Colorado middle and grade school childern this past Monday at Grant Frontier Park near downtown Denver, Colorado.
"One of the most important things we can do as prospectors or just involved citizens is to promote unstructured actives outdoors for childern" said Red Wilcox President of Gold 
Unlimited a newly forming Colorado based national non-profit organization for recreationnal gold prospectoors.
Jolon Clark, the associate director of the Greenway Foundation in Denver has been quitely leading a team of young instructors who have been teaching gold panning to school childern for a few years now.
"We are very pleased to have Gold Unlimited join our team, bring their experience and enthusiasm for recreational gold prospecting to literally thousands of Colorado School kids and it was great fun actually learning how to find gold".
The GF instructors were excited to  learn how to  pan from "experienced" (ancient) golld panners and picked up a differenttrick or tip from each of us who were teaching, as no two panners pan exactly the same way. There wer more questions than I have gotten on dozens of guided adventures. "You could ask 5 or 6 prospectors to show you how they pan and get 5 or 6 dillerent ways to pan, these kids will get to pick and choose from several styles to develop what works for each of them" remarked "yukon Jim" Blankship a longtime gold prospector and retired marine.
Dave Winters, aquatic and riparian biologist for the National Forest Severice and Gold Unlimited board member was on hand to answer any and all questions or concerns about the ecology of the South Platte River with regard to gold prospecting and assured the Greenway Foundation staff that in fact they are improving and helping the rever by following Gold Unlimited guidelines. Dave is developing a list of noxious and toxic invasive weeds that Gold Unlimited members will use to remove weeds and thereby help natural species thrive and improve riparian areas.
Part of our training included using a small half shot weight sinker in each pan to build confidence and more importantly to teach the teachers to teach these young panners that when they find lead sinkers, hooks and swivels etc in the pan (and they will) not to just throw it back in the, stream, but to remove all lead sinkers and treash when you find it.
"Today's recreational gold prosprectors are sort of the trash collectors of the streams and rivers", said Red, "We remove copper, mercury, iron and glass, and clean up the treash that others leave behind...and sometimes we even find gold too"!
Gold Unlimited has already commited an initial 1,500 gold pans, snuffer bottles and plastic display vials to the Greenway Foundation's SPREE program with thounds more to come.
Kevin Singel leads the Gold Unlimited youth panning and education program, In Kevin's professional life he leads corpoate  operations for a Forture 500 company. With his background he brings a high level of educational professionalism combined with enthusiam and exceptional creativity to Gold Unlimited Team. An avid gold prospector himself he also loves the opportunity to spread gold fever!
Our goal is to teach every middle school age child in Colorado to pan for gold within the next 5 years.
Also if you have not read the book "The Last Child in the Woods" by Richard Louv, then
get with the program.
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