Project description

The main goals of the project are to formulate a dialogical, game-theoretic reconceptualization of deduction, and to investigate the phenomenon of deduction on the basis of this reconceptualization from three different but complementary viewpoints: philosophy, cognition and history. The project will be composed of three subprojects, each of them focusing on one of the three areas in question. 

It will take as its starting point a reconceptualization of the notion of deduction as a dialogical, multi-agent, game-theoretic notion, based on the concepts of winning strategy and of a 'built-in opponent'. This conceptualization will guide the analysis of the historical birth of the concept of deduction in ancient Greek logic and mathematics, and of the empirical results on deductive reasoning and mathematical cognition coming from psychology and cognitive science. It will also provide the framework for the discussion of traditional philosophical puzzles concerning the concept of deduction (e.g. Hintikka's 'scandal of deduction').